The Basic Criteria for a Good Design and a Good Business

The Basic Criteria for a Good Design and a Good Business

A good business can be attributed to many things. A good boss, a great management, great working conditions and a place for growth and belongingness. Offering such ideal situations to your employees helps not only in creating a good business, you are creating a lasting and growing business that is bound to success.

Parallel to design, there are many criteria that defines what a good design is and how it can contribute to the greatness of a business. Here are some key concepts you should pay attention to be able to apply good design and achieve good business in your organization.


Solving problems and improving lives has always been a mission of organizations. Providing a product or a product that offers empathy to its clients is what makes a business sell, grow and last. Meeting the needs of the users or your target markets keeps you in the game of the competition, reaping ROIs and profits along the way.

The same goes for design. You should have empathy towards the people that use and makes a living out of your business. Showing empathy to your employees reaps loyalty and productivity – two factors that makes any endeavor a success.

Identifying the areas where your employees experience discomfort makes them realize that you pay attention to their needs and is more than willing to offer the best working conditions to them.

Proving better lighting and ventilation to working areas, adding a pantry where they can spend their lunch breaks, investing in more comfortable chairs or adding an office gym to your office are just a few of the comforts you can provide to your employees.


Contributing value through the design and changes that you implement in your working areas does wonders for a business. Adding relaxing office furniture in the work place does not only add value to the aesthetics of the office. It also adds value to the health and wellness of the people working for you.

Investing value to your employees – seminars, training and coaching sessions, better facilities, bigger and brighter offices, is investing value to your business. The more positive you invest in your business, the more value your people can provide to you and to your clients.


Galvanizing and engaging society, community and environment keeps everyone growing, starting from your people to your business in general.

Giving a corner or bigger office to employees who excel in the workplace gives inspiration to the others that their hard work will always be reciprocated with something good.

Ethics and Responsibility

Contributions that realized and transforms communities, the environment and lifestyles make a business grow and gain respect from the market that they evolve in. But how can one incorporate ethics and responsibility in design? Introducing green architecture to the working place is a business’s contribution in making the world a better place to live in, no matter how cliché it may sound. Supporting local suppliers and businesses that may aid in your business is another way of being socially responsible for the growth of the community surrounding around your organization.


Minimization of waste and environment footprint. Using recycled paper or having recycled office furniture upscaled for further use in your working places are simple ways in minimizing waste in the office. LED lights and promoting the use of natural ventilation is your business contribution to society and nature.


Pioneering the future and presenting strategic value to businesses and communities. To make a business a good one, an organization that exist not only for profits but also for contributing to the greater good is a company where people would want to be a part of. You’ll see talents of different colors and personalities wanting to be part of your organization, willing to contribute productively and wholeheartedly to your business and the visions that the organization believes in.

This and more is what great businesses are made of. It may be difficult to achieve all of this at once, but it is nothing impossible to do.

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Top 5 Design Interior Ideas for the Small Office

Top 5 Design Interior Ideas for the Small Office

Not all businesses are created equal. Some are bigger and enjoys a vast amount of resource compared to others. However, even with limited assets, a small start-up business can still invest in an efficiently designed office without hurting their budget.

If you are looking to revamp the look and function of your office but is restrained due to its limited space, modular office furniture is an option you can choose. As businesses begin to realize that employees are more enthusiastic working in a better office environment, they begin to invest into this area of the business.

There are many ways on making best use of your working space in the office. Here are some interior design considerations you may apply.

Wall-mounted Office tables and Foldable Chairs

For most businesses, mobility has been embraced. You can bring your computer devices anywhere to do work. For this kind of working set-up, you might want to consider mounting your tables and getting foldable chairs as your office furnishings. You can simply mount your tables back to the wall after use and tuck your chairs away after use. The office area will generally neat and clean and you’ll have extra spaces for movement as well as storage.

Convertible Tables

Office tables that can be converted to shift into a bigger table to accommodate a meeting area. This same table can also be an everyday working table for the rest of the office. The area in the office that takes the most space is the conference room. Although conference areas are necessary functions your office should always have, they are not used daily. Four working tables that can be easily attached together can be transformed into a conference table with ease.

Aligning Office Furniture Along the Walls

You can increase or make your working spaces bigger by placing your office tables along the walls. You’ll get a better view of what’s outside since office chairs will be facing the walls and the windows. Since most electrical outlets are also located along the walls, you’ll be able to eliminate wires and cords dangling around.

Allowing Remote Work

What’s great with today’s technology is that one can easily work from home. Allowing some of your staff to work at home would be an ideal set-up for a small starting business. You’ll be saving operational costs inside the office, consume less office supply and your employees will feel more relaxed with the set-up. Software and other computer tools can keep them working productively and efficiently even while t home.

Removing Cubicles and Converting into An Open Space Plan

Cubicles and closed office rooms can really take up a lot of space. Open space planning makes the look of an office simple – removing clutter and unnecessary furnishings and accessories. Open space planning is becoming a preferred office layout even for big offices too.

The best design solution for the office is having versatility and flexibility with your office furniture and accessories. Knowing the basic design concepts also makes it easier to move things around to make the office look spacious. Such aids in boosting the morale of your employees as well.

The Bocca Lips Sofa by Gufram

There are very few icons in the world of modern classic furniture that are as sensuous and flamboyant as the Bocca Lips Sofa by Gufram, Italy.  Recognized and celebrated the world over, the Bocca Lips Sofa is in a class all by itself, and can be found in posh restaurants, hotels, museums and private million-dollar homes everywhere.  But very few people know the origins of these famous red lips, nor the gilded history from where this sofa came from.


The original sofa dates back to 1935 when it was first featured in Spanish artist Salvador Dali’s famous painting.  Influenced by the Surrealist and Dada movements, Dali’s fascination with the 1930’s actress Mae West sparked the creation of his painting entitled, The Face of Mae West, in which he depicted the actress’ lips with the voluptuous sofa.  Fellow surrealist artist and patron Edward James, who was impressed by Dali’s painting, commissioned him in 1936 to bring the Mae West Lips Sofa to life.  Made of wood and satin, the sofa’s curvaceous design was shaped after the legendary actress’ lips and now resides at the Brighton and Hove Museum in England.  Since then the Mae West Lips Sofa has been distinguished as the most famous object in the history of Surrealism.


Over the years the sofa’s celebrity status brought on a number of replications and has been called various names.  It wasn’t until 1970 when Studio 65 designed the Bocca Lips Sofa for Gufram, Italy as an homage to Dali’s original.  Instead of Mae West however, the Bocca Lips Sofa takes inspiration from 1950’s actress Marilyn Monroe and is the version we’re used to seeing today.  Elegant and feminine, this sumptuous sofa is now available in several versions.  A bright fuchsia (Pink Lady) and a pierced black (Dark Lady) became available in 2008, and a limited gold edition (Boccadoro) commemorated Gufram’s 50th Anniversary in 2016.

As an iconic symbol of contemporary art and modern furniture design, the Bocca Lips Sofa now can be seen in various permanent museum collections throughout the world, including the Louvre in Paris and MoMA in New York. 

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Design Strategies to Help Employees Achieve Success

Design Strategies to Help Employees Achieve Success

Success is an important factor not only for an organization but as well as the people in it. Therefore, most offices are rethinking the purpose of the office and how changes and innovations can open new opportunities for the organization.

Surprisingly, office design plats a big role in improving employee recruitment, retaining talents, enhancing productivity and increasing the morale if the workplace. Organizations are starting to realize that how the office look and function is a strategic factor in the long-term success of the business.

Here are some design strategies and ideas that helps in promoting success both employees and businesses. Apply these in your organization and see some amazing results.

Forward-thinking office furniture

Growth should always be kept in mind when designing the look and the function of the office. Maintaining a fluid environment that can easily adapt and adjust to changes saves time, effort and resources. Flexible office furniture pieces that can be moved based on the working style or different tasks each employee does in the workspace. Such design also creates highly engage employees. Having better control over how they experience work is a big deal and improvement in the work environment. Forward-thinking furniture also last longer since they remain useful and essential even as the company changes and grows.

Better communication

Communication in the workplace nowadays is not just about tools. It can also be found in the actual setup a workplace us. Every day, employees communicate in many forms. It can be through video conference calls, IM platforms, screen-sharing and the traditional face to face meetings. However, team collaboration, constant and unscheduled proves to be a unique feature common to most successful businesses. Office design that allows its employees to collaborate and to function together with other members of the organization makes communication better, and an asset for a more successful and productive office setting.

Using the appropriate technology makes communication blissful in an office setting. Access to appropriate software, devices and work locations makes it easier to work. Businesses might even want to consider modern work implementations like allowing employees to bring their own devices that they feel comfortable with work. Such can also reduce accountability and care for devices used in the day to day activities in the office.

Clear Workplace Protocols

The design of the layout of your organization makes it easier to change, imply and implement workplace protocols. Closed-solid walls creates the impression of secrecy which is not productive in anyway for an organization. Agile environment can still maintain the confidentiality and the professionalism that it requires in the workplace without having to box-out ideas and opportunities for its people. Clear and open protocols help establish rules and create order in the workplace. It also reduces confusion and frustration among its employees.

Design strategies can help organizations embark into new frontiers and enhance productivity. It can also promote creativity, openness and other positive traits that will contribute to an employee’s success. Visit our Los Angeles Maverick Desk Showroom at 2010 Office Furniture

Unlocking Adaptable, Modern and Functional Offices

Unlocking Adaptable, Modern and Functional Offices

The workplace is evolving and continuous to change nowadays. Open spaces are being welcomed in organizations while some remains to embrace the traditional private space. To be able to cater to different generations, present in today’s organization, an adaptable, modern and functional office space should be a prime goal for any business. The possibility of integrating traditional design with the modern open layout can work wonders when executed expertly in organization.

Today’s option when it comes to office furniture is extensive and visually rewarding. Here are some tips in creating a design perfect for the fusion of generations working inside an organization.

Consider height-adjustable work surfaces

Comfort is one of the pre-requisites to be able to create a relaxing and work conducive environment in an organization. This can be achieved by allowing flexibility when it comes to the office furniture pieces you have at work. Such pieces can be used by anyone due to its flexibility and functionality.

Adjustable office chairs

Office chairs should always be considered as a personalized tool inside the workplace. However, it is common knowledge that office chairs are bought in the bulk to conform with a single style. Going for adjustable ones makes it easier for each piece to be personalized according to the needs and comfort requirements of its end-user.

Collaborative furniture

In an organization with two or more sets of generations working together, you can see a mix of the traditional and the modern office setting. Younger generations often go for the open plan space while the older ones lean to the traditional enclosed office space. Although both office layouts are conducive for focus work, different employees have different definition of a functional office layout. Incorporate both types of office setup to cater to employee needs. Collaborative furniture can be used for the open plan while the traditional office furniture with a modern touch can be adapted in private offices. With the range of materials and standards available in the market, it would not be too difficult to achieve a design layout perfect for this fusion of generations.

The mainframe of a modern and adaptive office layout is personalization. Being able to personalize a design or a furnishing suitable to any type of employee or any type of work requirement makes an office furnishing a good buy and a wise investment.

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Design Thinking and How It Influences the Workplace

Design Thinking and How It Influences the Workplace

A lot of organizations and companies nowadays are beginning to understand that choosing a status-quo instead of continuously improvising and innovating is a failing strategy for growth and expansion. The business climate is shifting and failing to recognize these changes detriments a company’s growth. To be able to thrive and be a competitive marketplace, change and design strategies becomes essential.

However, in innovating and applying change to a workplace, it is also essential to calculate and plan every risk and potential opportunity to enter. The lack of commitment to understand and sustain effective changes in an organization can be time-consuming and expensive in the long run. Thus, planning and projection is an essential skill needed in influencing the workplace through design and system changes in the organization.

Design thinking is a strategic approach that can be used to see the company outside the box. Doing so allows to change the paradigm of a workplace innovating it consistently hand in hand with improving the people working inside that organization too. Creating an agile design triggers an agile mindset to the workplace to. Such changes provide a competitive advantage not only for the business but the people inside the organization.

The Impact of Design in the Workforce

Office design plays a big role in the unpredictable marketplace. Design innovations and modern office furniture helps in aligning with the changes and improvement in technology as well as adapting to new customs, habits and patterns in the organization.

Expansion and changes in the look and general workflow in the company also removes uncertainty. A growing, changing and adapting company is only capable of doing so if the company itself is growing, improving and working towards a bigger future.

Less complicated systems and removing clutter and eye-sores inside the workplace makes work linear and easily understood. Keeping things related eliminates complexity and may help attract the best possible people, systems, and innovations that will play a big impact in the future of the organization. The more complex a business are, the harder it will be to understand which areas to improve on. A simple setup, meanwhile, gives a designer or planner better focus on areas needing improvement.

Office Furniture and How it Impacts the Workplace

Inserting new modern office furniture to an organization is not just a façade aimed to make the company look good. Everything included in the workplace should play a role for the people in the organization and the business itself.

Office furniture should be able to empathize with the needs of the business. It should provide answers and solutions for bottle necks and health issues that the workplace may be suffering from. The validity of how a company is providing solutions and improvements to its people and organization can be measured with the satisfaction of the people working for the company.

Personalization is also a big factor to be considered when designing and improving an office setting. One’s treasure can be someone else’s trash. Each business is unique and requires an exclusive approach suited and perfect for what the company and its people need.

Design thinking, and application is continuous. It should grow and change alongside the company as well as the people surrounding the organization. Such parallel improvement also implies a steady growth and a more profitable future for any company.