Bio Canvas and Leaf Living Walls for Your Office

Bring in the great outdoors with Bio Canvas and Leaf Living Walls by Nevins. Introduced earlier this year by furniture manufacturer Nevins, these biophilic walls of art breathe life into urban office interiors. Following the ever-growing trend to reconnect with the outside world, Bio Canvas and Leaf Living Walls capture the beauty and serenity of Mather Nature and bring them into the workplace. They help to create fresh and vibrant office environments that improve office aesthetics, increase productivity, reduce stress — and all just in time for Spring.

Leaf Living Walls

Leaf Living Walls provide your urban office with a vertical garden of living plants that’s naturally beautiful and lush with life renewing greenery. Using soil or hydro plants in their original growing pots, they’re easy to install, configure and rearrange. Mount them to existing wall structures or use them as room dividers on freestanding platforms. Whatever your choice, Leaf Living Walls give you the freedom to create your own living art piece for your office. The collection consists of a multitude of plant options varying in growth, color and flowering, including aglaonema, jade pothos, birds nest fern, philodendron varietals and more. Plants are watered every four weeks by using the optional water machine or by installing the Leaf Living Wall watering system. You also have the option to install an LED lighting kit to help your plants flourish. Leaf Living Walls are easy to maintain, versatile and offer tons of benefits to your office space. Air quality is improved, as fresh oxygen is released and carbon dioxide reduced. They also provide great sound absorption and help reduce noise. More importantly, by bringing natural greenery indoors, you can increase office morale and productivity by freshening up your office environment.

Bio Canvas

Easy-to-install and maintenance free, the Bio Canvas wall collection offers preserved natural materials that include a variation of acoustic moss (lime green, medium green, and forest green), light stone (prairie brown and mountain grey), and sustainable poplar bark. These materials can be set up on a wall using fire-resistant frames to be mix-and-matched in a grid-like or brick-like fashion. They can also be set up on stands as moveable wall dividers. Each Bio Canvas frame can be arranged and personalized to create your own unique piece of biophilic art. Bio Canvas walls provide excellent acoustical benefits, capturing medium and high frequencies (voice frequencies) to improve sound quality in a noisy room. They are completely maintenance free, so they require neither sunlight nor water.

Interested In Purchasing?

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Image Sources: Nevins Leaf Living Walls and Bio Canvas

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