NeoCon 2019 Winners

NeoCon 2019 Winners


Every year, Contract Magazine hosts the Best of NeoCon Competition which surveys the latest and greatest in commercial product design and highlights standout entries in various design categories.  The 2019 winners were announced during an awards breakfast on June 10 at the Renaissance Hotel in Chicago, Illinois, where eighty-three awards and recognitions   were given, including six Editor’s Choice awards, eight Innovation awards, and a Best of Competition prize.  Below are all winners from this year’s competition. Drumroll and envelopes please!—Here are the Best of NeoCon 2019 winners:

Acoustic Panels & Solutions

Gold: Snowsound: FLAT
Silver: Luxxbox: Linea Acoustic LED Lighting System

Acoustic Privacy & Modular Solutions

Gold: OFS: Leant To
Silver: Framery Acoustics: Framery 2Q

(Image Source – OFS: Leant To)

Architectural & Decorative Glass

Silver: Skyline Design: Oblique & Chevron

Architectural Products

Gold and Best of Competition: OFS: Obeya
Silver: Connectrac: Flex

(Image Source – OFS: Obeya)

Carpet: Broadloom

Gold: Tarkett: Tatami System
Silver: Mohawk Group: Textural Effects

Carpet: Contract Area Rugs

Innovation: Mohawk Group: Connecting Neurons Definity

Carpet: Modular

Gold: Patcraft: Deconstructed Felt
Silver: Shaw Contract: Suited

Case Goods

Gold: HALCON: HALO Office
Silver: Herman Miller: Geiger One Casegoods

Conference Room Furniture

Gold: Nucraft: Alev
Innovation: Tuohy Furniture Corp.: Meich Tables
Silver: Andreu World: Reverse Wood

Education Solutions

Gold: VS America: JUMPER
Silver: Keilhauer: Buncha

Flooring: Hard Surface LVT & Planks

Gold: Patcraft: Handloom
Innovation: Metroflor Corp.: Metroforms with Attraxion Magnetic Attachment Technology
Silver: Milliken & Co.: Change Agent LVT

Furniture Collections for Collaboration

Gold: Steelcase: Flex Collection
Innovation: Teknion: Bene Box
Silver: STYLEX: Free Address

(Image Source – STYLEX: Free Address)

Furniture Systems & Enhancements

Gold: Watson Furniture Group: Cloud 9 Rail
Silver: HALCON: HALO Office

Furniture: Benching

Gold: Innovant: Cross Benching

Healthcare Fabrics & Textiles

Gold: Designtex: Biophilia 2.0
Silver: CF Stinson: Chiaroscuro Collection

Healthcare Flooring

Gold: Teknoflor: Coordination Collection
Silver: Mohawk Group: True Hues

Healthcare Guest & Lounge Seating

Gold: Kwalu: Prizzi Lounge
Healthcare Patient Seating
Silver: Spec Furniture: Tailor HD

Lighting: Decorative & Hospitality

Gold: Eaton: Shaper Sense Acoustic LED Luminaires
Silver: LightArt: Acoustic Wing

Lounge Furniture Collections

Gold: Haworth Inc.: Cabana Lounge
Silver: Andreu World: Rap Sofa

Movable Walls

Gold: Teknion: Tek Vue
Silver: Allsteel: Beyond Pavilion

Office Accessories

Gold: Allsteel: Radii
Silver: Watson Furniture Group: Cloud 9 Cart and Garage

Seating: Bar Stools

Editors’ Choice: Martin Brattrud: Cumbia
Gold: Davis Furniture Industries: Muse Barstool

Seating: Benches

Editors’ Choice: Nienkämper: Heartbeat
Gold: Green Furniture Concept: Nova C Perch
Silver: Allermuir: Axyl Bench

(Image Source – Allermuir: Axyl Bench)

Seating: Conference

Gold: OFS: Kasura
Silver: Davis Furniture Industries: M75

Seating: Ergonomic Desk/Task

Gold: via seating: Younique
Silver: Nightingale Corp.: NLC

(Image Source – Via Seating: Younique)

Seating: Guest

Gold: Allermuir: Kin
Silver: Andreu World: Gala

Seating: Outdoor Contract & Hospitality

Silver: Andreu World: Nuez Outdoor

Seating: Sofas & Lounge

Gold: Andreu World: Rap sofa
Silver: Green Furniture Concept: Nova C Recliner

Seating: Stacking

Gold: Sandler Seating: HDS 1.1
Silver: SitOnIt Seating | IDEON: Mika

(Image Source – SitOnIt Seating: Mika)

Signage & Wayfinding

Gold: Takeform: Lucid Refined Interior Signage
Silver: 2/90 Sign Systems: SafeCare Signs

Space Dividers/Partitions/Screens

Gold: Clarus Glassboards: Flex Wall
Silver: Naava: Naava Flow

Tables: Communal & Task

Gold: Nucraft: Epono
Silver: Davis Furniture Industries: Inform

(Image Source – Nucraft: Epono)

Tables: Height-Adjustable/Training/Work

Editors’ Choice: Versteel: Sky
Gold: Watson Furniture Group: Cloud 9 Desk
Silver: Senator International: Array

(Image Source – Senator International: Array)

Tables: Occasional

Editors’ Choice: Studio TK: Freehand Occasional Tables
Gold: Nucraft: Alev
Innovation: Davis Furniture Industries: Lift

(Image Source – Studio TK: Freehand Occasional Tables)

Technology-Integrated Solutions

Gold: Steelcase: Roam
Innovation: Connectrac: Flex
Silver: National Lighting: Revive

Textiles: Upholstery

Editors’ Choice: Wolf Gordon: VEER
Editors’ Choice: Luum Textiles: Future Tense Collection
Gold: HBF: Lost & Found
Innovation: Haworth Inc.: Haworth Knits
Silver: Momentum Group: Architectural Textures Collection

Wall Treatments

Innovation: Momentum Group: Woven Silica
Silver: Designtex: Metallic Wallcoverings

Workplace Technologies

Gold: CF Stinson: designMix with colorAI
Silver: FreeAxez: Gridd Mobile

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Designing a Collaborative Office Space

Creating a collaborative office space that inspires and leads to collaboration occurs when key elements are properly aligned. Corporate culture and values, an understanding of workflow and an awareness of individual needs lay the foundation for creating a welcoming space that fosters problem-solving solutions.

The Green Light to Collaborate

Corporate culture impacts how team members think and act. When leaders value and promote collaboration to solve challenges, then the staff knows what’s expected and they’re free to act in line with the vision that’s set out.

Collaboration is inherent in some industries like software design or the manufacturing of robots. Companies in Southern California that make robots use different disciplines and specialties to create a robot’s speed and range of motion. A team has to work in an office together to create a great end product. A collaborative office space is a necessity.



A completely different industry like real estate is driven by individual sales, but collaboration can happen through sharing ideas and best practices. This keeps morale high and can spur sales in a brokerage.

Communicating corporate culture doesn’t just happen through vision statements and memos posted in break rooms. In any industry, people need support to work at an optimal level each day. A well-designed physical space created with professional guidance and the proper furnishings will show that the need to collaborate is a reality that’s important to the company.


Creating a Collaborative Office Space to Benefit Your Team

Designing a physical collaborative office space that works is dependent on the company’s goals and workflow needs.

Don’t expect an architect who’s creating blue prints for new construction to create a collaborative space. That specialist knows how the walls are built, where the doors will be and can select areas for necessities like the lighting supply. Interior designers will choose materials and colors to make a work area appealing, but they typically won’t lay out a workflow and arrange desks, tables, and chairs.

The Space to Discover

A space should be designed around a company’s core strength. If it’s high-tech manufacturing then have space for tables and desks that let teams come and go. Moveable white boards for plotting sequences and writeable surfaces for scribbling can spur conversations.

In a real estate office, a setting with stylish lounge chairs and small tables for coffee and drinks can encourage individual realtors to converse and share ideas. Consider how modular storage units can keep an area neat so agents will have access to a library of resources like hard copy magazines and books on the neighborhoods around Los Angeles.

An innovative way to offer a collaborative office space in today’s open office floor plan is through the use of meeting enclaves. Open on both sides and an opening at the top, these unique solutions provide a focused space and privacy without creating walls.


The Need to Retreat Within

Collaboration doesn’t just happen when teams are physically together. People often need to retreat into a quiet space to process and put their thoughts into action. Offices have undergone shifts from acting as functional work places into areas where employees want positive experiences and interaction.

An arrangement of the right tables, dividers, and storage units can create a space that’s flexible enough to let teams drift away as individuals before coming together again. The use of an individual lounge with its own power supply, privacy screen, and tablet arm gives numerous options to be in one’s own creative world.




Today’s workplace in Southern California is one that’s incredibly diverse – not just in terms of ethnic and language groups but also generational differences. Baby Boomers grew up in their parents highly compartmentalized era while younger workers were early adopters of innovations like ride sharing.

The art in designing collaborative spaces is bringing people together but also giving them a space that’s personal and unique.

Get professional input in designing a collaborative space while using attractive furnishings that are budget friendly. Browse, a leader in offering servicesand products that meet a variety of office design and furnishing needs.

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Image Sources: Arcadia, OFS, Nevins 

10 Best Height Adjustable Desks for Your Office


The obsession with finding the best height adjustable desks and tables for the office is here to stay, and for good reason.  Studies continue to show that a sedentary lifestyle at work may be contributing to serious health issues, including chronic back-pain, diabetes and heart disease.  Height adjustable workstations allow you to work alternately from a sitting to standing position, breaking  the sedentary cycle.  This helps to improve not just your health, but your mood and energy as well, boosting your office productivity and overall well-being. (Read 7 Health Benefits of Height Adjustable Desks and Tables)


From modern sleek to contemporary chic — our list of our favorite sit-stand workstations below has got you covered.  Here are 10 of the best height adjustable desks that are perfect for collaborative workstations, private offices or executive suites.


SLATE by OFS boasts a height-adjustable office desk solution that promotes better office ergonomics for employee well-being and overall office positivity and productivity. SLATE is part of a beautiful and sleek line of private office furniture that combines collaborative and organizational solutions, while integrating cutting edge technology. The result: an elegant, innovative and modern workspace addresses all types of spaces, work styles and office applications. (More Info/Request a Quote)


The ADESSO series by Krug represents almost 150 years of refined craftsmanship, taking pride in the tradition of creating fine office case-goods. Through ongoing research, development and consultation, ADESSO is a celebration of beautifully natural and sustainable wood, making it one of Krug’s best achievements in private office furnishings, and one of our favorite best height adjustable desks. Delivering modern, clean lines, rich finishes, and sound structure and craftsmanship, ADESSO provides a truly executive experience unlike any other. (More Info/Request a Quote)


NEX by Groupe Lacasse represents a fine collection of office case-goods that’s designed for the future. NEX is the perfect height adjustable desking solution for today’s modern on-the-go lifestyles and rapid change. The collection features an easy sleek design, boasting attractive varying pieces and  proportions that adapt to any office aesthetic.  It also features intuitive and innovative functions that promote a productive and stimulating work environment for the office. (More Info/Request a Quote)


ARTEMIS by Krug is sleek and lightly scaled for those smaller private office footprints.  This collection features gorgeous pieces that are rich with the presence of hand-made wood veneer. Each piece is made to order, and every office is installed together as a complete suite – providing an elegant and refined consistency of woods and finishes.  Exquisite craftsmanship and individually selected veneers are combined with sophisticated modernity and exceptional value.  ARTEMIS also offers a tremendous selection of options, including 4 standard wood species, 24 standard wood finishes (along with custom stains), 3 standard edge profiles, and much more. Efficient connectivity and cable management complete this forward thinking office collection. (More Info/Request a Quote)


IMPULSE G2 by OFS offers a complete and comprehensive product selection to express and articulate your office style.  From sleek modern to sophisticated classic, you’re free to personalize your office any way you want. A myriad of diverse capabilities and options let you create unique configurations to your selected pieces to optimize each office. IMPULSE G2 provides height adjust-ability in worktables, desks, returns and bridges so you can work in the most comfortable standing or sitting position. (More Info/Request a Quote)


The ABERDEEN collection by Mayline provides the elegance and beauty of simulated wood, with the performance and affordability of laminate case-goods.  The collection is an excellent value in office furnishings as well as a top choice out of our best height adjustable desks list. Featuring a choice of excellent finishes, including textured glass and brush nickel hardware, ABERDEEN’s contemporary, clean design provides an upscale appeal that will enhance any office environment. In addition to standard technology features, a new and improved design offers electric height adjustable options that promote a healthier, happier and more ergonomic office. Ideal for both team environments or the executive suite, ABERDEEN is incredibly flexible and can meet the demands of all office applications all the while making an unforgettable impression. (More Info/Request a Quote)


The MEDINA series, also by Mayline, captures the essence of fine Italian design in a contemporary look that’s ideal for the workplace. MEDINA’s wide range of smartly edited offerings, as well as unique aesthetic, allow for various configurations that can meet any office application needs. Standard technology boosts functionality, and a newly improved design provides electric height adjustable options to help promote a healthier, happier and more ergonomic office. MEDINA is gorgeous from every angle, with rich details and textures.  The line boasts five laminate choices as well as two textured ones, making it easy to blend, mix and match with other collections from Mayline. (More Info/Request a Quote)


CAMBIUM by Nucraft is a simple case-goods solution that focuses on sound visual integrity and superior function. Designed and built with Nucraft’s extensive selection of fine materials and finishes, along with careful attention to detail, CAMBIUM presents a collection with trim, linear elements and a succinct kit of integrated parts that reflect the design sensibilities of today’s modern lifestyles. Product selections are customized to meet the needs of the user, and height adjustable work surfaces offer better office ergonomics and employee well-being. (More Info/Request a Quote)


PULSE by OFS delivers intelligent functionality and bold style in a robust laminate office system that is exceptionally durable. PULSE represents an entire series of modular office furniture that provides easy, custom fit pieces for every workspace, offering a plethora of options and dress-up details that promise not to break the budget. You can furnish entire rooms with multiple work stations, or single offices as private executive suites. With PULSE’s incredible flexibility and comprehensive color palette, you can brand or personalize your company culture, as well as highlight individual office departments, proving that in today’s times, space planning has never been easier. (More Info/Request a Quote)


The ASCARI case-goods collection by Nucraft was designed in collaboration with the architecture firm and design giant, Gensler, who served as product design consultant for this series. Featuring a clean and modern aesthetic, as well as refined European influence, this wonderfully elegant collection blends beautifully—and seamlessly— into any office workspace. The ASCARI design brings together thin and thick surfaces, using a rich palette of materials, that creates an office environment that echoes strength, casual luxury, professionalism and outstanding performance. (More Info/Request a Quote)

Resources: OFS, Krug, Groupe Lacasse, Mayline and Nucraft

NeoCon 2018 Best Products

Even when you have the winners, it’s difficult to ignore all of the other thousands of brilliant new designs and innovations showcased at this year’s NeoCon 2018. From office desks, tables and seating, to textiles, accessories and flooring materials, top manufacturers delighted and inspired the event attendees with their latest offering — especially those considered as one of NeoCon 2018 best products. Selected from Interior Design Magazine’s list of standout products, here are 25 of our favorites.


(Please click on an image to enlarge and show information) Read NeoCon 2018 Winners

Designed in the Sun: The Newest Viccarbe Furniture Collection

A long-established partner of COALESSE, the VICCARBE furniture brand from sun-drenched Valencia Spain releases it anticipated Mediterranean inspired VICCARBE IMPORTS COLLECTION.  This gorgeous line of sleek contemporary furniture is distinguished by innovative elegance, great simplicity and global awareness.  Available in over 70 countries, COALESSE holds the exclusive Contract Market representation in all of North and South America for this collection, and now it’s available to you through 2010 Office Furniture.  A worthy addition to the company’s award-winning portfolio of products, VICCARBE’s new offering is a joyous celebration of vibrant colors, warm materials, detailed artistry and impeccable design.


This beautiful, upholstered chair with discreet wheels is perfect for the home and contract use, boasting cozy, chic appeal and remarkable comfort.


A stunning blend of abstract art and architectural design gives birth to Ad-Hoc by Jean-Marie Massaud.   Found within the most prestigious locations around the world, this iconic chair is handcrafted one by one, with a lacquered version available for outdoor use.


A metal table top with a base comprised of a circle and two metal rods gives Bamba its unique form and character.  Brazilian designer Pedro Paul-Venzon created this sculptural art piece to evoke his emblem, the “slashed O.”


The Ryutaro impresses with steel legs that are mortised through the top, creating a seamless, singular table that’s ideal for different architectural settings.


Grace and unparalleled comfort define Victor Carrasco’s Maarten Chair.  Built with a 3D plywood molded shell, calibrated steel structure and fixed upholstery covering, this outstanding swivel chair can be configured with or without arms.



Ideal for reception areas in distinctive restaurants, offices, hotels and homes, Season is a strikingly streamlined soft seating that’s sure to make the most unforgettable of impressions.


Subtle, beautiful and environmentally friendly…This simple resin top occasional table with a hand made fish in the middle is all you need for a stunningly understated, whimsical addition to any home, office or contract space.


A revolutionary sofa unlike anything else you’ve seen, Sistema is comprised of different seats, arms, backrests and accessories to let you create the perfect seating that meets your needs.


John Pawson designed this simple yet elegant bench table, featuring solid oak legs, varying table top sizes and finishes, and a matching upholstered bench seating that’s ideal for both commercial and residential environments.

If you have any questions or would like to inquire about any of VICCARBE furniture products, please contact one of our 2010 specialists on our website.

You can also learn more directly from COALESSE and VICCARBE on their website.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

Bio Canvas and Leaf Living Walls for Your Office

Bring in the great outdoors with Bio Canvas and Leaf Living Walls by Nevins. Introduced earlier this year by furniture manufacturer Nevins, these biophilic walls of art breathe life into urban office interiors. Following the ever-growing trend to reconnect with the outside world, Bio Canvas and Leaf Living Walls capture the beauty and serenity of Mather Nature and bring them into the workplace. They help to create fresh and vibrant office environments that improve office aesthetics, increase productivity, reduce stress — and all just in time for Spring.

Leaf Living Walls

Leaf Living Walls provide your urban office with a vertical garden of living plants that’s naturally beautiful and lush with life renewing greenery. Using soil or hydro plants in their original growing pots, they’re easy to install, configure and rearrange. Mount them to existing wall structures or use them as room dividers on freestanding platforms. Whatever your choice, Leaf Living Walls give you the freedom to create your own living art piece for your office. The collection consists of a multitude of plant options varying in growth, color and flowering, including aglaonema, jade pothos, birds nest fern, philodendron varietals and more. Plants are watered every four weeks by using the optional water machine or by installing the Leaf Living Wall watering system. You also have the option to install an LED lighting kit to help your plants flourish. Leaf Living Walls are easy to maintain, versatile and offer tons of benefits to your office space. Air quality is improved, as fresh oxygen is released and carbon dioxide reduced. They also provide great sound absorption and help reduce noise. More importantly, by bringing natural greenery indoors, you can increase office morale and productivity by freshening up your office environment.

Bio Canvas

Easy-to-install and maintenance free, the Bio Canvas wall collection offers preserved natural materials that include a variation of acoustic moss (lime green, medium green, and forest green), light stone (prairie brown and mountain grey), and sustainable poplar bark. These materials can be set up on a wall using fire-resistant frames to be mix-and-matched in a grid-like or brick-like fashion. They can also be set up on stands as moveable wall dividers. Each Bio Canvas frame can be arranged and personalized to create your own unique piece of biophilic art. Bio Canvas walls provide excellent acoustical benefits, capturing medium and high frequencies (voice frequencies) to improve sound quality in a noisy room. They are completely maintenance free, so they require neither sunlight nor water.

Interested In Purchasing?

We’re happy to help! If you are interested in purchasing or knowing more about Bio Canvas and/or Leaf Living Walls by Nevins, please contact one of our specialists via our website at:  You can also find out more about Nevins here:

Image Sources: Nevins Leaf Living Walls and Bio Canvas

7 Health Benefits of Height Adjustable Desks and Tables

It’s time to take a stand. Height adjustable desks and tables are not just a passing trend, they’re pretty much here to stay. And they’re not just here to update your tired, old office, they’re here to make you a healthier, happier person. By allowing you to raise and lower your worksurface area to accommodate your specific height, these sit-stand workstations give you the freedom to alternate between sitting and standing positions while you work throughout your day. And though research on the subject is still relatively in its early stages, many scientific studies have found that height adjustable desks and tables provide incredibly important health benefits while working those long hours at the office.


There’s no question about it. Back pain is the number one complaint among office employees who sit for long periods of time. After several studies on those who suffered from long-term back pain, participants reported 32% improvement in lower back pain just after several weeks of using height adjustable desks and tables. Participants also reported 54% improvement in upper back and neck pain within only 4 weeks.  These improvements reversed within a 2-week period however, after the removal of the height adjustable workstations.


Height adjustable desks and tables also seem to have positive effects with people’s mood and energy. In one study, participants who worked while standing experienced less fatigue and stress than those who stayed seated throughout the day. Also, almost 90% of those who experienced less fatigue and stress also experienced increased energy and vigor while working. When these participants returned to sit back at their old desks, their overall mood and energy reverted back to their original levels.


While some people believe that vital daily tasks such as typing suffers from a standing position, one research study proved otherwise. Results of the study involving 60 office workers showed that standing while using height adjustable workstations actually have no negative impact on the participants’ typing speed, nor cause additional typing errors. In fact, because standing improves overall energy and mood, it’s more likely to encourage and boost worker productivity rather than impede it.


In general, the more your blood sugar levels rise after a meal, the worse it is for you and your health, especially for those who suffer from type 2 diabetes. In a case study of 10 office participants, standing for 3 hours after lunch reduced their blood sugar spike by an average of 43% when compared to sitting after lunch for the same period of time. Another study found that 23 office participants reduced their blood sugar spikes by an average 11% when alternating between sitting and standing throughout the day every half hour.


It’s as simple as grade school math: If your body takes in more calories than it burns, you’re more likely to gain weight, which can lead to obesity. While our hectic schedules in today’s world make it difficult to carve out time for exercise, simply standing while at work can help burn off calories. In fact, you can burn up to 170 additional calories per day by just choosing to stand every afternoon rather, than sitting for the same amount of time. That’s nearly 1000 calories you can burn each week.


As early as 1953, studies have shown that standing provides incredible benefits for the heart. One study found that bus conductors who worked on their feet all day were 50% less at risk of heart disease than their bus driver counterparts who sat throughout the day. We’ve also come to know that prolonged sedentary time may lead to an increase risk of heart disease by up to an astonishing 147%. Sitting for long periods of time is so harmful that even an hour’s worth of exercise may not be enough to undo the negative effects of being seated at the office all day.


When you weigh all of these studies together, it’s not surprising to consider the connection between prolonged sitting, heart disease and type 2 diabetes. Moreover, 18 studies have shown that those who sit for longer time periods are at greater risk of earlier deaths than those who sit less. A separate study also indicated that by reducing our sitting times to no more than 3 hours per day, we could raise our country’s life expectancy by about 2 years.


There’s no better time than now to consider trading in that old, traditional desk for a sit-stand workstation. Are you ready to take the stand? Find out more information about our favorite height adjustable desks and tables and what’s right for you on our website.

NeoCon 2017 Winners


Gold: BuzziSpace: Buzzipleat
Silver: Snowsound USA: Snowsound Diesis


Gold: Skyline Design: Transcend™ by Suzanne Tick


Gold: Teknion: Altos Landscape
Silver: Carvart: CARVART by Soema


Gold: Aquafil USA: ECONYL® Pure
Silver: Bolyu: ContinuousColor


Gold: Tarkett North America: Apace
Silver: Bentley Mills: The Outskirts Collection
Editors’ Choice: Bentley Mills: Night Vision


Gold: Mohawk Group: Lichen
Silver: Shaw Contract: Emergence
Innovation: Bolyu: Collaborative Collection


Gold: Tuohy Furniture Corporation: Andavi
Silver: Nienkamper: Cern Collection


Best of Competition: HALCON: Halo
Gold: HALCON: Halo
Silver: Decca / Elan: Gait


Gold: KI: Ruckus Collection
Silver: Steelcase Education: Verb® Active Media Table


Gold: Knoll: Anchor Raised Storage
Silver: Watson Furniture: Sidecar


Gold: Mohawk Group: Lineate
Silver: Patcraft: Subtractive Layers


Gold: Herman Miller: Prospect
Silver: OFS Brands: Heya
Innovation: Davis Furniture: Q6


Gold: West Elm Workspace with Inscape: Conduit by Gensler
Silver: Teknion: Expansion City Line


Gold: Inscape: Arrivals Bench
Silver: West Elm Workspace with Inscape: Conduit by Gensler


Gold: Designtex: Biophilia Collection
Silver: Mayer Fabrics: Renewal Collection
Innovation: Via Seating: Genie Copper Mesh


Silver: Tarkett: Ensemble Healthcare Collection


Gold: Steelcase Health: Surround
Silver: Integra Seating: Valayo Collection


Silver: OFS Brands: Hug


Gold: West Elm Workspace with Inscape: Linear Wood LED Lighting
Silver: Barbican: PipeLight


Gold: Koncept: Splitty Desk Lamp
Silver: Humanscale: Infinity


Gold: Gunlocke: Calm Lounge Collection
Silver: Davis Furniture: Nora
Editors’ Choice: Bernhardt Design: Terry Crews Collection


Gold: Active Ideas: HOVR
Silver: Teknion: Zones Easels, Storage Carts, Food Trolley and Accessories


Gold: Bradley Corporation: Verge with WashBar Technology


Gold: Gunlocke: Tia Barstools
Silver: Andreu World: Smart Barstool


Gold: Davis Furniture Industries: Weda
Silver: Bernhardt Design: Catia


Gold: Stylex: F4
Silver: The Senator Group: Rapt


Gold: Geiger: Taper Chair
Silver: Interstuhl: VINTAGEis5


Gold: Gunlocke: Tia Guest
Silver: Calligaris: Saint Tropez
Innovation: JANUS et Cie: Katachi High Back Lounge Chair
Editors’ Choice: Gunlocke: Calia


Gold: Andreu World: Capri Lounge
Silver: Allermuir: Mozaik


Gold: Davis Furniture: Reed
Silver: Andreu World: Lake


Silver: Takeform: Applaud


Gold: Mohawk Group: Visual Interactive Studio
Silver: Snowsound USA: Snowsound Analysis Software


Gold: KI: Universal Height-Adjustable Screen
Silver: SiS Ergo: Aura™


Gold: National Wood Solutions: Compact Wood


Gold: Andreu World: Radial High Table
Silver: Howe: MN201
Editors’ Choice: HBF: Harmoni Table by Space Copenhagen


Gold: HALCON: Halo
Silver: Vitra: Citterio Desking System (CDS)
Innovation: Vitra: Citterio Desking System (CDS)


Gold: Davis Furniture: Hans
Silver: OFS Brands: Wyre


Silver: HBF: Simple Writing Desk


Silver: SBFI North America: Arc


Gold: Falcon: Falcon Low Voltage Power and Lighting
Silver: Designtex: Casper Cloaking Technology
Innovation: Designtex: Casper Cloaking Technology
Innovation: Gantner Technologies: Networked Locking System


Gold: Pallas Textiles: Loft Collection
Silver: HBF Textiles: Raw Materials Collection
Innovation: Carnegie: PRFM


Gold: Skyline Design: Transcend™ by Suzanne Tick
Silver: DuChateau: Wall Coverings
Editors’ Choice: Skyline Design: Transcend™ by Suzanne Tick


Gold: Maars Living Walls: SQAPE
Silver: Maars Living Walls: Acoustical Sliding Door


Gold: Innovations: Drapery and Sheers Collection
Silver: Carnegie: Net Works
Innovation: MechoSystems: WhisperShade® DC Electronic Drive Unit (motor)


Silver: SnapCab featuring Corning® Gorilla® Glass: SnapCab Pod

Resource: Contract Magazine

Top 9 Commercial Office Furniture Trends – 2017 NeoCon


Every year, members of the commercial office furniture industry and enthusiasts alike count down the days to June when all of the movers and shakers of the field unveil the newest and brightest products for the upcoming year. As expected, NeoCon 2017 dazzled its attendees from June 12-14, as thousands of shining new products were showcased inside the nearly one million square feet of exhibition space of The Mart in Chicago, Illinois. Over 500 leading companies were represented, boasting this year’s design and technological innovations in furniture, textiles, building materials, lighting, wall coverings, floor coverings, outdoor products, accessories and more. Since 1969 NeoCon remains the most important event of the year for commercial design, serving as the world premier platform to show what’s next for the upcoming year. Surpassing attendance number last year, Neocon 2017 attracted over 50,000 professionals, crowding The Mart’s three floors of showroom space, halls and other exhibitor areas—cementing its reputation as one of the most attended trade shows of its kind.  Here are this year’s NeoCon’s top commercial office furniture trends for 2017.


As we continue to pursue a higher level of quality in our every day living — from the food we eat, to the clothes we wear, to the cars we drive — the growing trend in commercial office furniture now demands better quality in both construction and design. From the selection and use of finer materials, down to the precise details of stitching, manufacturers at NeoCon 2017 showcased products with a conscious effort to offer innovations that were more refined.


The ongoing trend to achieve an anti-corporate look in the workplace was evident throughout the NeoCon 2017 showrooms. Many manufacturers onboard the resimercial shift were showing products that attempt to make commercial offices feel more like home—while still maintaining a sense of professionalism. But in contrast to what we’ve seen from its earlier years, materials have now been upgraded, soft seating better refined, colors more sophisticated, and textures more appropriate to address the workplace. In short, resimercial design is growing up and has become more intuitive.


The past couple of years have thrown a kaleidoscope of bright colors into the office design mix. Now, the in-your-face bold hues have somewhat retreated to make way for more muted tones to come back into the scene. NeoCon 2017 saw pastel hues like blush, mint, corral and baby blue combined with black and varying shades of gray, along with touches of earth tones. Interior designers, it seems, have taken back the helm from color enthusiasts to offer a more subdued, refined palette to commercial office design.


This year’s show reflected our continued romance with things that are organic. The use and addition of raw materials were evident in numerous showrooms, celebrating the beauty of natural colors, unique textures and organic imperfections. Wood continues to make a comeback, and its presence everywhere at NeoCon was stronger than ever. As one of the biggest players in the resimercial shift, it continues to add the warmth that has been lost in the corporate office for quite some time, and is being shown with cleaner lines in more elegant, modern shapes.


Fashion’s love affair with metals, especially gold, have slowly been trickling down this past year to commercial office design. Now the floodgates have opened as NeoCon 2017 sparkled with bronze, gold, rose gold and copper—adding an excitingly rich, sophisticated and even retro feel to modern office furniture.


NeonCon 2017 upheld that we will be seeing more and more collaborative spaces at work. Manufacturers showcased a plethora of innovative new products to accommodate and promote new ways of sharing ideas and working together. From conference rooms to training areas to lounge spaces, collaboration is definitely key in today’s workplace.


As walls come down to open up more collaborative ways of working, the need for secluded, quiet spaces also continues to emerge. Workers seeking refuge from the constant buzz of open plan offices can look forward to innovative new office furniture and spaces especially designed for those private phone calls, intimate meetings and moments of solitude.


USB is quickly becoming the office king. Its universal ease of use is making it the reigning standard for on-the-go professionals to conveniently plug in for power. Expect to see more USB chargers implemented in everything—from soft seating, to lounge areas, to lamps. If there’s a place it can be added to, you’ll be sure that someone will.


While industry giants such as Herman Miller, Haworth and Steelcase continue to lead the way in commercial office design, expect to see the rise of smaller companies competing for the limelight. These last couple of years have seen underdogs wow and impress, and we can all be happy to look forward to more incredibly innovative and noteworthy products in the future of commercial office furniture design.

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Pantone’s Color of the Year 2017 – GREENERY

Spring is back! — And there’s no better time to look to Pantone’s Color of the Year 2017 for inspiration.  Put away those cold, wintery dark grays and navy blues back to storage.  Instead, burst forth with all things bright and lively.  The sun is out again and it’s time for some Greenery!

Greenery: The Color of the Year 2017

Greenery is a zesty and invigorating hue of yellow-green that recalls the first days of spring.  As the color symbolic of Mother Nature, this fresh verdant shade awakens the senses and brings you back to the great outdoors.  It evokes feelings of revitalization, restoration and renewal.  Think of lush and green forests foliage, the smell of freshly cut grass, or a dewy crisp morning in your vegetable garden.  Or better yet, think of a warm sunny afternoon with a delightful pitcher of refreshing mint mojito while at your back porch.  Whatever you envision, Greenery brings you back to nature and quenches your thirst to reconnect with the natural beauty and intrinsic unity of outside world.

Going Green at the Office

Inspired by Pantone’s Color of the Year 2017, 2010 Office Furniture unveils an exciting collection of office furniture that celebrates the return of spring and everything Greenery!  You’re sure to find something you’ll love that will have everyone just pea green with envy!

From left to right/top to bottom: Inspire team creativity and boost office productivity with open-plan benching, TEAMWORX from Deskmakers.  Experience a higher level of ergonomic support and comfort with AGILE seating by First Office.  Create stylish and collaborative spaces with Artopex DOWNTOWN.   Make a great first impression with Global’s ultra-chic lounge seating, RIVER.  Add MODELLO STOOLS by Loewenstein to your office seating and offer a variety of heights that’s gorgeous from every angle.  Organize and maximize storage space with BRIGADE Hon filing cabinets.

About Pantone

As the world authority on color, Pantone set the standard language for color, and facilitates communication between designers, manufacturers, retailers and customers.  Every year Pantone selects a color that represents the current global culture and expresses the mood, feeling and attitude of our world community.