Promote Collaborative Work Spaces by Choosing Open Plan Desking Options

Glance around an office and see how the use and spacing of desks make a statement. Last century, wooden roll-top desks showed strength and compartmentalization while today’s open plan desking products invite collaboration.

Whether re-tooling an existing office space for an established company or designing a brand new space for a start-up, open plan desking can act as a focal point while establishing personal space and inviting communication.

Flexible Styles

Plenty of open plan desking options are available that fit a company’s brand and culture. An entrepreneurial team of ten to twenty people that’s growing may want a sleek and minimal appearance to match an open office design.

Bench seating can accommodate several people while bench seating options for smaller groups of four allow for an effective use of space.

In an x-shaped desk, the use of straight and rounded edges with translucent glass on top demarcates space so workers don’t feel trapped in a cubicle.

The open desk fits in an executive’s private office, too, so it can be welcoming and doesn’t have to act as a barrier to someone who enters and needs to discuss a key topic of the moment.

Today’s office desk options can work with modular style filing cabinets that slide underneath and yet allow for plenty of leg room and personal movement.

Healthy Movement

Desks have been static pieces of furniture for many years where workers sit. That’s changing. A height-adjustable deskis a healthy option that promotes a natural way of working instead of making someone sit for several hours every day. Various studies have shown that standing desks have health benefits.

A 2004 study from Cornell University’s Human Factors and Ergonomic Research Labfound that standing instead of only sitting reduced swelling in the feet and pressure on the spinal cord. A height-adjustable desk promotes a natural way of working.

Easily Adpatable

Open desks are easy to install and easy to re-arrange. Change happens, that’s no secret. As workflow increases and new clients are brought on, open desks can easily be adapted to meet current needs and situations.

Today’s many desk options can have a traditional appearance or a minimalist and modern look.

An office desk that’s comfortable and fits the task at hand provides efficiency and focus while offering an enriching work experience.

Customization is important in today’s work setting. Browse the products of 2010 Office Furniture to view desks and consider their ability to offer professional space planning services.

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