Modern Training Room

LOOKBOOK MODERN TRAINING ROOM FURNITURE Often underestimated and overlooked, the Modern Training Room is constantly evolving to accommodate multiple purposes, serving as one of the office’s most important spaces. (1) OFS Applause Training Tables (2) OFS Hex and Gathr Seating (3) Enwork Sensation Lectern  REQUEST MORE INFO RISE OF THE MODERN TRAINING ROOM Training rooms have been here almost as early […]

Your Guide to the Best Training Furniture OFS Maren Chairs

Your Guide to the Best Training Furniture for the Office

You need employees to learn new products, review sales procedures, or keep certifications and licenses current. Bringing everyone together for training is the answer.  And it’s important to consider the best training furniture that will work for you and your company. This raises questions like what type of desks, tables and chairs are best? All […]

Mobile and Nesting Desks Global Terina Table

Using Mobile and Nesting Desks for Your Office

Tired of getting up from your workstation and carrying your laptop from one place to another? Consider a mobile desk. Need more floor space? Try nesting desks, also referred to as stackable desks.  Expand your productivity and office space and bring a new level of flexibility and efficiency to your office environment with mobile and nesting […]

Scale 1:1 Office Furniture

ABOUT SCALE 1:1 OFFICE FURNITURE SCALE 1:1 OFFICE FURNITURE is a truly contemporary furniture company, making innovative products with real, modern applications unlike anything else on the market. Built for the creative and collaborative, Scale 1:1 focuses on creating furniture that facilitates and encourages new ideas, allowing workers to learn and evolve along with the […]

Trendway Office Furniture

ABOUT TRENDWAY OFFICE FURNITURE TRENDWAY OFFICE FURNITURE was founded over 50 years ago, working through two economic recessions with a laser focus on the customer experience, from their reliable, long-lasting solutions to a heavy emphasis on their customer service. By focusing on their employees and customers alike, TRENDWAY has built a team of passionate workers […]

Open Plan Systems

ABOUT OPEN PLAN SYSTEMS OPEN PLAN SYSTEMS prides itself in using high end manufacturing techniques at a fraction of the cost to provide the best value. Quality is never compromised for value – the company’s products are UL listed and all come with a limited lifetime warranty. OPEN PLAN SYSTEMS has a 10 acre facility, […]

Maverick Desk

ABOUT MAVERICK DESK Established in 1992, the origin of MAVERICK DESK is a classic American story of two men with big dreams creating a company that was different from everyone else. Today, MAVERICK DESK is a laminate case-goods manufacturer that offer a quick-ship, high value solution to traditional solid wood office furniture.  They also provide […]

DeskMakers Office Furniture

ABOUT DESKMAKERS OFFICE FURNITURE When DESKMAKERS OFFICE FURNITURE was founded in 1964, it was merely a manufacturer of laminate case goods based in a small factory in East Los Angeles. They have since massively expanded and have become a leading manufacturer of office furniture in the West Coast by offering countless customizations for their wide […]


ABOUT DESKMAKERS DESKMAKERS takes pride in their brand for enabling customers to achieve their design vision through their sleek and customizable case goods, desking, and tables. Furthermore, they are dedicated to making the buying process as easy as possible. DESKMAKERS is passionate about helping its customers furnish beautiful office environments. By offering an endless array […]

Use Benching Workstations to Maximize Workplace Efficiencies

Use Benching Workstations to Maximize Workplace Efficiencies

The Benefit of Benching Workstations Nonprofits in Orange County hit double digit growth in 2018, according to the OC Business Journal. Employment last year rose 1.4% among the Southern California county’s largest employers, including Disneyland.  Managing growth means keeping the office efficient and productivity high. See how benching workstations benefit growing companies in Orange County, […]

Los Angeles Maverick Desk Showroom

Los Angeles Maverick Desk Showroom at 2010 Office Furniture

Maverick Desk’s impressive full line of laminate desks, workstations, conference tables and more is now on display at the Maverick Desk Showroom at 2010 Office Furniture. 2010 Office Furniture is the only dealer in Southern California exclusively showcasing Maverick Desk’s comprehensive collection of products. From the incredibly modular Apex Series, to the beautifully innovative Napa […]

Virtual Meeting Room TOOtheLOUNGE Seating

Liven Up Your Virtual Meeting Rooms and Physical Meeting Spaces

Step away from the same old environments and change up both you virtual meeting room and physical meeting spaces to keep your team engaged. Freshen up your in-office environment and your online world. Think about it this way. Got Zoom fatigue from too many online meetings? You might not get it with in-house staff who […]

Choosing the SitOnIt Chair That’s Best for Your Office Needs

Looking for the perfect seating to furnish your office space? A SitOnIt chair just may be what you need! Office chairs deserve attention and you need to choose one that works best in your office. These commonplace pieces of furniture are unsung heroes in the corporate environment and also for remote workers at home.   […]

Ergonomic Seating SitOnIt Wit Side Chair

7 Ergonomic Seating Solutions to Elevate Your Office Seating

Your team spends precious time sitting in cars or ride-share vans while commuting on Southern California’s crowded freeways, then up to several hours sitting in the office each day.  How do you reduce the stress of sitting? Read on and discover ergonomic seating furniture solutions that promote overall well-being and productivity. Sitting stresses people physically […]

Stylex Seating

Office Furniture Trends 2022: What’s New in Commercial Office Furniture

Over the last decade we’ve seen tremendous changes in our offices and how we work — especially within the last couple of years. Office furniture trends of 2022 are no doubt a reflection of these important changes.  As we recover from a world pandemic, our schedules are less structured, our interactions more organic and our technology more advanced. […]

Office Star Products

ABOUT OFFICE STAR PRODUCTS OFFICE STAR PRODUCTS has been a leader in the commercial office and residential furniture industry since 1987. Their headquarters and main warehouses are located in Ontario and Fontana, California and are still working on expanding today. Decades after their incorporation, OFFICE STAR products are now widespread all over the country, marketing […]

Abstract Modern Office Furniture

LOOKBOOK ABSTRACT MODERN OFFICE FURNITURE Favoring unusual shapes & bold colors, the Abstract Modern Office is a vibrant departure from the traditional.  It aims to add a playful – but never distracting – element to the workspace. (1) The Senator Group Haven Pods Workstations (2) OFS Staks Workstations and Flexxy Task Chairs (3) Encore Seating Chance Guest Chairs  REQUEST MORE INFO WORK VS PLAY One […]

Enwork Office Furniture

ABOUT ENWORK OFFICE FURNITURE ENWORK Office Furniture began as a small American business, founded in 2003 in a basement office by Kelli and David Powell. The mission for their business from the very beginning has been providing reliable, budget-friendly furniture solutions with excellent customer service behind it. As time went by and the world of […]

Nevins Office Furniture

ABOUT NEVINS OFFICE FURNITURE Founded in 1979 with a simple philosophy of providing solutions with choices, NEVINS OFFICE FURNITURE has seen success with its pledge for several decades. The NEVINS team is built on skilled professionals providing excellent customer service. By creating a strong team atmosphere and work environment, clients can have their voices heard […]

Indiana Furniture

ABOUT INDIANA FURNITURE INDIANA FURNITURE is headquartered in Jasper, Indiana where the company was founded over a hundred years ago, showing commitment to providing office furnishing with the highest standards in the industry. In its lifespan, INDIANA FURNITURE has always operated under a philosophy of valuing the general community, protecting the environment, and practicing good […]

AMQ Office Furniture

ABOUT AMQ OFFICE FURNITURE Focused on providing customization flexibility on a budget, AMQ OFFICE FURNITURE tries its hardest to satisfy the modern demand of intelligently planned furniture systems on a short timeline. As expectations for what can be accomplished on a limited budget and project timeline, AMQ has shifted to match this market necessity, by […]

Creating Your Best Work Environment to Boost Your Brand

Creating Your Best Work Environment to Boost Your Brand

Think through the times you’ve stepped into an office setting and wondered about the work environment. The warning signs were likely subtle, weren’t they? How was the office planning and layout? Did the furnishings seem functional and up to date—or out of date? What about tension? That’s the people part. All of these elements contribute […]

NeoCon 2019 Winners

NeoCon 2019 Winners

CONTRACT MAGAZINE ANNOUNCES NEOCON  2019 WINNERS Every year, Contract Magazine hosts the Best of NeoCon Competition which surveys the latest and greatest in commercial product design and highlights standout entries in various design categories.  The 2019 winners were announced during an awards breakfast on June 10 at the Renaissance Hotel in Chicago, Illinois, where eighty-three awards and […]

Krug Office Furniture

ABOUT KRUG OFFICE FURNITURE KRUG OFFICE FURNITURE was founded in 1880 and is currently one of the industry leaders in designing and manufacturing office furniture, as well as healthcare, hospitality, and higher education furnishing. By using customer feedback and extensive individual research, their design team is able to provide award-winning products for their customers at […]

Office Inspirations

OFFICE INSPIRATIONS LOOKBOOK  Looking to get inspired? Browse through 2010 Office Furniture’s Lookbook gallery of office inspirations. It features the latest and greatest in office furniture trends, space planning and design, innovative gadgets and accessories, as well as color combination strategies. Enjoy! THE VINTAGE OFFICE In the wake of a global pandemic, the Vintage Office makes […]

Office Design and Layout Best Practices

Office Design Layout Best Practices

Setting up an office or re-designing an existing office design layout that creates efficiencies on the job and provides a welcoming atmosphere takes an understanding of corporate needs and individual behaviors. Here are the best practice principles that companies throughout Southern California can use to lay out an office. What is the Purpose of Your […]

Get Moving to Promote a Healthy Office

Get Moving to Promote a Healthy Office

Promoting wellness for a healthy office is as simple as stand, stretch and walk. Office wellness programs should begin with a focus on common sense and lifestyle tips. All of them should be budget-friendly and many don’t have to cost anything at all. Why Movement is Important Healthy people move regularly. That doesn’t mean you […]

Office Communication Best Practices: Goal Setting

Office Communication Best Practices: Goal Setting

The Road to Better Office Communication Setting corporate goals and showing each member of the team how their work impacts the overall direction of the company keeps employees motivated and unified. Goal setting is an important part of a successfully run business, and one of the best practices in office communication. Goal Setting as Unifying […]


IT’S GREATTO MEET YOU. 2010 Los Angeles Office Furniture and Orange County is one of Southern California’s premium dealer of new and used office furniture, including  modern open plan benching, workstations, cubicles, desks, tables, storage, seating and more.  We offer only the highest quality office furniture for large and small businesses, and give our clients […]