Modern Office Evolution: Office Furniture Through the Years

Today Modern office evolution shows us drastically how different our office today look from our office not even two decades ago. Office designers of this decade like to focus on boosting
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Stylex Seating

Office Furniture Trends 2022: What’s New in Commercial Office Furniture

Over the last decade we’ve seen tremendous changes in our offices and how we work — especially within the last couple of years. Office furniture trends of 2022 are no doubt a reflection
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Best Office Dividers and Filing Systems Allermuir Mollie Chair

Choosing the Best Office Dividers and Filing Systems

People are social creatures, and a well-planned office with strategically placed office dividers will bring employees together, yet allow them the personal space they need in order to focus. But
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Guide to Equipping Your Home Office SitOnIt Chair

Your Guide to Equipping Your Home Office

Your home office space can be as simple or sophisticated as you need to do your work. For those working remotely, or working on hybrid arrangements, here is your strategic guide
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Welcome Gathering Place SitOnIt Reya Desk

Design Your Office Space as a Welcome Gathering Place

Why the need for an office welcome gathering place? Just a few years ago, the office was everything. Remote work or occasional telecommuting was talked about, but in reality that practice
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Interior Design Office Tips Friant System 2 Screen

Infusing Offices with New Energy Using Fresh Interior Design Office Tips

The upcoming year have many of us starting anew and looking for ways to freshen up our office.  And like most things, we want our workspace to look and feel
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