Dynamic Office Design SitOnIt Seating Quiz Chairs

Offering Freedom and Flexibility with the Dynamic Office Design

We are seeing something unprecedented in the office—the freedom to choose.  With the dynamic office, employees can enjoy office flexibility, fluid workspaces and a work/life balance they didn’t have before.
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2024 Office Trends Senator Haven Pods

2024 Office Trends to Create an Engaging Office Environment

What’s in store for 2024 office trends and what do we watch out for? When Edmunds, the car people, opened their office in Santa Monica several years ago they suspended
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Natural Office Design Trends Arcadia Wordsmith Cart

Design an Office Space and Boost Morale Using Natural Materials

Want to go natural in the office? Smart move. Let’s look at the natural office design trend and how it helps benefit your office! Bringing nature into the office boosts overall
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Noise Reducing Office Furniture OFS Intermix Table

Stylish Noise Reducing Office Furniture Trends for 2024

Reduce office noise and boost employee engagement by incorporating noise reducing office furniture at the workplace. That’s not an easy task because we’re immersed in noise. During commutes, listening to
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Office Design Trends for 2024 Friant Dash Desk

Get Inspired with These Top 10 Office Design Trends for 2024

Keep your office refreshed or plan an entirely new space using these 10 office design trends for 2024. Make your workspace a destination where employees want to enter. Inspire them
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Virtual Meeting Room TOOtheLOUNGE Seating

Liven Up Your Virtual Meeting Rooms and Physical Meeting Spaces

Step away from the same old environments and change up both you virtual meeting room and physical meeting spaces to keep your team engaged. Freshen up your in-office environment and
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