Best Office Furniture Trends Stylex Trim Table

Why These May be the Best Office Furniture Trends Ever

Professional offices are experiencing lasting changes after Covid shutdowns scattered employees who stayed connected through online meetings and other forms of technology. The office functioned outside the walls of the
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Best Ergonomic Chairs 2023 SitOnIt Wit Chair

The Quest for Best Ergonomic Chairs 2023

Looking for the best ergonomic chairs in 2023 makes sense. You’re equipping your office to meet the physical needs of your employees so they’re more productive and have better overall
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Mobile and Nesting Desks Global Terina Table

Using Mobile and Nesting Desks for Your Office

Tired of getting up from your workstation and carrying your laptop from one place to another? Consider a mobile desk. Need more floor space? Try nesting desks, also referred to
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Ergonomic Seating SitOnIt Wit Side Chair

7 Ergonomic Seating Solutions to Elevate Your Office Seating

Your team spends precious time sitting in cars or ride-share vans while commuting on Southern California’s crowded freeways, then up to several hours sitting in the office each day.  How
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Flexible Office 9to5 Seating Aria Chairs

Equipping the Flexible Office for Maximum Productivity and Professional Experience

With COVID, flexible office work arrangements are more popular than ever. Digital technology has kept employees so connected for the past couple of decades that many need reminders to unplug
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Informal Workspaces Edge Collaboration Spaces

Leveraging the Benefits of Informal Workspaces in Office Planning and Design

Informal workspaces are a strategic use of your existing office space.  They are much more than having a ping-pong table available for team-building exercises. It’s an important step in ergonomics.
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