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HAT COLLECTIVE is the product of parent company Innovative Ergonomics Solutions. A family-owned operation, IES created HAT COLLECTIVE as a result of like-minded organizations such as HAT Contract and SiS Ergo coming together. While the name has evolved, the company still carries the spirit of IES, continuing their legacy of endless innovation of ergonomic solutions to promote a healthy work lifestyle. Now a global company, HAT COLLECTIVE is a respected name in the industry. They strive to provide exceptional service with responsive teams that work around the clock and quick shipping to meet consumer needs in a flash. HAT COLLECTIVE also prizes well-priced personalization options to give customers a multitude of ways to create their ideal workspace without breaking the bank. With just under four decades of experience, they remain the go-to company for those looking for furniture that does not compromise on quality and affordability.

Listed below are all the product lines available from HAT COLLECTIVE.  Although we feature only a select number of them on our website at a given time, we will be happy to assist you with anything specific you may be looking for. If you wish to find out more about any of our manufacturers or their products, please email or call us at 888.618.2010 and one of our specialists will contact you within 24 hours.

Mid Hat
Mid Hat + Worksurface
Hi Hat
Hi Hat + Worksurface
Hat L Unit
Kita, 2-Stage
Kita, 3-Stage
S Collection SE 2-Leg-2-Stage
S Collection SX 2-Leg 3-Stage
S Collection – 3 Leg
Power & Data Beam
Ivy Power Beam
S-Collection Panel Mount
Benching + Worksurface
Group and Conference Table
Ellehaven + Worksurface
Elle Collection, Static
Elle + Worksurface
M Freestanding
M Freestanding: Corner
M Freestanding: 120°
M Tripod
M Quad
S Collection Wall Mount 
M Wall
Winston Desk
Winston Desk Corner
Winston E-Desk
Winston Workstation Single
Winston Workstation Dual
Winston Workstation Triple
Winston Workstation Quad
Winston-E Single
Winston-E Dual
Winston-E Triple
One Touch
M Series Nesting Table


Dual Envoy
E2 Single
E2 Dual 
Dual Evo
7000 Dual Crossbar
E2 Connex Dynamic Single
E2 Connex Dynamic Dual
E2 Connex Dynamic Triple
E2 Connex Static Dual 
E2 Connex Static Triple
E2 Connex 1-Over-1
Staxx Dual Articulating Monitor Mount with Sliders
Staxx Dual Monitor Mount with Sliders
Staxx Triple Articulating Monitor Mount with Sliders
Staxx Dual Articulating Monitor Mount with Laptop and Sliders
Staxx Single Monitor Mount 
Staxx Dual Monitor Mount 
Staxx 2-Over-2 Monitor Mount Staxx Triple Monitor Mount
Staxx 1-Over-1 Monitor Mount 
Staxx Articulating Monitor & Laptop Mount 
Staxx 3-Over-3 Monitor Mount Staxx Dual Articulating Arm


Winston Mat
Senko Task Light
Pocket Cable Management
Vertical Wire Management Sleeve
Flex Wire Management Tray
Wire Management Trough
Surface Mounted Power Module with Wireless Charging 
Wire Management Sleeve
Surface Mounted Power Module (2 USB-A Ports)
Snap On Charging Cap
Surface Mounted Power Module (1 USB-A Port)
Docking Station
Keyboard Tray
Extension Arms
Laptop Tray
CPU Holder
CPU Holder with Track 
Sliding Vesa Assembly 
5900 Thru-Desk Mount Kit
5902 Mount Kit 
Height Adjust Adapter
Winston E-Desk Beam


Mobile Pedestal
Collective Storage Locker
Collective Storage Ped
Collective Storage Credenza
Mobile Pedestal Slim Cushion
Mobile Pedestal Cushion
Collective Pedestal Cushion
Collective Locker Cushion
Collective Credenza Cushion


Mesa Slide
Mesa Wrap
Mesa Acrylic Wrap
Mesa AcrylicFabric Divider 
Pet Dividers
White Board Divider
Acrylic Modesty Panel