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OFFICE STAR PRODUCTS has been a leader in the commercial office and residential furniture industry since 1987. Their headquarters and main warehouses are located in Ontario and Fontana, California and are still working on expanding today. Decades after their incorporation, OFFICE STAR products are now widespread all over the country, marketing under nine brands and operating five warehouses. When it comes to high-quality furniture, OFFICE STAR PRODUCTS is the standard of the industry. That, combined with its focus in one-stop selection and in-stock availability allows the company to simplify the process of buying furniture for their customers. They prioritize an efficient and effective process without sacrificing quality to save their customers’ time and money. In addition to their eye-catching, innovative designs, all OFFICE STAR products come with a lifetime warranty to ensure consumer satisfaction. Here they measure success by each relationship they build through their business, aiming to make lifelong, meaningful industry connections with foundations in respect, trust, and loyalty. More than just statistical accomplishments, OFFICE STAR consists of important values that make them a diverse, vital company. With 25 years, 5 locations, over 200 employees, and 9 brands under their belt, OFFICE STAR PRODUCTS aims to bring excellent furniture to your world.

Listed below are all the product lines available from OFFICE STAR PRODUCTS. Although we feature only a select number of them on our website at a given time, we will be happy to assist you with anything specific you may be looking for. If you wish to find out more about any of our manufacturers or their products, please email or call us at 888.618.2010 and one of our specialists will contact you within 24 hours.

499 Series
Accent Tables Collection
Adaptor Collection
Albury Series
Alios Collection
Alpha Battlestation Collection
Alpine Collection
Area 51 Collection
Aurora Collection
Avatar Collection
Avilla Series
Bandon Collection
Barton Collection
Baton Rouge Collection
Berkley Pub Set Collection
Beta Collection
Big & Tall Gaming Chairs
BOA II Collection
Braydon Collection
Brighton Collection
Bristow Collection
Broadway Series
Brookings Collection
Brooklyn Collection
Bryce Collection
Cambridge Collection
Catalina Collection
Chair Side Table Collection
Checkpoint Collection
Chesterfield Collection
Commander Collection
Constellation Collection
CONTEMPO Collection
Copenhagen Collection
Country Meadows Collection
Coventry Series
Covina Series
Creator Collection
Cupertino Collection
Dallas Series
Denmark Collection
Dover Series
Durham Series
Elgin Collection
Eliminator Collection
EM Series
Eureka Collection
Fairfax Collection
Flower Collection
Frame Works Collection
Gemelli Collection
Ghost Collection
Glitch Collection
Hacienda Collection
Hagney Lane Collection
Hampton Collection
Hannah Series
Hanover Collection
Hastings Series 
Hillsboro Collection
Home Barstools Collection
Home Dining & Pub Sets Collection
Home Office Collection
Horizon Collection
HPB Collection
ICE Collection
INDIO Collection
Influx Collection
Isabella Collection
Jasper Collection
Jefferson Collection
Jericho Collection
Juliette Vanity Desk Series
Katy Stools Series
Kauai Collection
Knob Hill Collection
Kona Series
Kristen Collection
Loadout Collection
Maker Collection
Maui Series
Mckayla Collection
Medford Collection
Megan Series
Melrose Series
Meridian Series
Metro Collection
Middleton Collection
Milford Collection
Modern Life Collection
Monte Carlo Series
Murphy CollectionNesting Stool Series
New Castle Series
Newport CollectionNorwich Collection
Oakland Pub Set Collection
Output Collection
Oversite Collection
Oxford Collection
Papasan Series
Park Place Collection
Patterson Collection
Plantation Collection
Prado Collection
Prime Collection
Quinton Collection
Race Chair Series
Radford Collection
Ravel Collection
Reload Collection
Renton Collection
Rogue Collection
Royse Collection
Saddle Stool Collection
Santa Cruz Collection
Seabrook Collection
Segovia Series
Seville Series
Sherese Stool Series
Sheridan Collection
Sierra Collection
Somerset Collection 
Stafford  Collection
Sullivan Collection
Swivel Stool Collection
Tahiti Collection 
Tinker Collection
Tribeca Series
Tulsa Collection
Uplink Collection
Vapor Collection
Vision Collection
Vivid Collection
Vivos Collection
Washburn Collection
Waverly Collection
Wellington Collection
West Lake Collection
Weston Collection
Winchester Collection
Wine Storage Collection
Wood Bankers Chairs
Xeno Collection
Xplorer Collection
Zenos Collection
Zephyr Collection


Anthony Collection
Abbott Series
Aiden Collection
Alaina Collection
Alesi Collection
Allen Collection
Allingham Collection
Amelia Series
Andrew Dining Chair Series
Aracelli Collection
Ariel Chair Series
Aron Collection
Ashton Slip Cover Collection
Bagford Collection
Baldwin Series
Baytown Series
Belmore Collection
Blake Chaise Series
Bridgeway Series
Bristol Task Chair Series
Brocton Collection
Brooks Collection
Bryson Collection
Calico Collection
Callen Collection
Carrington Arm Chair Collection
Cassia Collection
Chatsworth Collection
Coborn Collection
Coley Collection
Conway Stackable Chair Collection
Crowder Collection
Curves Collection
Danica Collection
Darnley Collection
Davis Chair Collection
Ellen Chair Collection
Emerson Office Chair
Ethan Collection
Evanston Collection
Fletcher Collection
Flynton Collection
Gabriella Collection
Gainsborough Series
Gianna Collection
Granville Collection
Grayson Series
GT Series
Halo Series
Halona Collection
Hawkins Collection
Jackson Chair Collection
Jasmine Chair Collection
Jenson Collection
Jessica Collection
Julia Series Collection
Juliana Task Chair Collection
Katheryn Collection
Kaylee Collection
Kendal Chair Collection
Kirkdale Collection
Laguna Chair Collection
Langdon Chair Series
Lantana Collection
Lavine Collection
Layton Collection
Legacy Series
Lester Collection
Lillian Collection
Lula Collection
Luna Series Collection
Magnolia Chair Collection
Main Street Collection
Marigold Collection
Martel Collection
Mayson Series
Mill Lane Collection
Milo Series
Monaco Collection
Monarch Chair Collection
Nora Series
Oakley Chair Series
Office Seating Series
Pacific Collection
Phillip Collection
Piper Series
Quinn Series
Reflections Collection
Reseda Collection
Reuben Collection
Rhodes Series
Riley Collection
Riverdale Series
Rockford Collection
Russell Collection
Ryedale Collection
Rylee Collection
Samuel Collection
Santiago Collection
Sawyer Collection
Sheldon Collection
Shelly Series
Sullivan Collection
Sunnydale Collection
Sylmar Collection
Trinidad Chair Collection
Tustin Collection
Ventura Collection
Venus Club Chair Collection
Verdugo Collection
Versailles Collection
Vista Task Chair Collection
Walden Collection
Wall Street Collection
Weldon Collection
West Park Collection
Westgrove Collection
Wren Collection
Yield Collection


13 Series
15 Series
213 Series
215 Series
2160 Series
23 Series
24 Series
27 Series
317 Series
32 Series
327 Series
335 Series
36 Series 
515 Series
521 Series
529 Series
55 Series
57 Series
62 Series
63 Series
67 Series
68 Series
75 Series
818 Series
818A Series
88 REVV Series
889 Series
93 Series
NJ Series
Options Series
Pulsar Series


Active Seating
Ascend II Desks
Ascend II Keyboard Arms
DESIGNlab Collection
Expandable Tables
Intelligent Tables
Laminate Bookcase
Lounge Seating
Metal Desk
Metal Files, Storage &
OSP Office Seating
Pace Tables
Training Table


Anthony Collection
Atlantic Collection
Baldwin Collection
Bristow Collection
Brooklyn Collection
Caddies and Dollies
Davis Collection
DC Collection
Drafting Collection
EC Series
ECH Series
EM Series
EMH Series
Ergonomic Fabric Collection
EX Series
Executive Seating Collection
FC Series
FF Series
FL Series
Flower Collection
FT Series
Healthcare Seating Collection
Indio Collection
KH Series
Main Street Collection
New Castle Collection
Office Seating Series
OPH Series
Options Collection
Pacific Collection
Patterson Collection
Pneumatic Task Chair
Reception Seating Collection
Resin Collection
Riley Series
SC Series
SPX Series
STC Series
TEX Collection
Traditional Collection
Trinidad Collection
Ventilated Seating Collection
Visitors Collection
WA Collection
Wall Street Collection
WD Collection
Weldon Collection
Yield Collection


Accent Tables Collection
Avalon Collection
Century Collection
Cocina Collection
Dahlia Series
Dane Collection
Home Office Collection
Lissette Chair Series
Louis Collection
Modern Mission Collection
Nashville Collection
Preston Collection
Recliner Collection
Regal Collection
Rovino Series
Savoy Collection
Stools Collection
Storage Cabinet Collection
Storage Ottomans Collection


54666 Series
7200 Series
8200 Series
8500 Series
8810W Series
8840W Series
Big and Tall Series
Deluxe Executive Leather Collection
Folding Series
HAT Series
Horizon Series
Options Collection
Prado Collection
Pro X996 Series
ProGrid Series
SPX Series


Clement Collection
Colson Collection
Evelyn Collection
Kat Collection


DESIGNlab Collection