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As a leader in manufacturing, design, and the distribution of contemporary ergonomic and space optimization products, WORKRITE ERGONOMICS FURNITURE has served as a recognizable brand for reliable office furniture solutions. Focused on setting a new standard for ergonomic office products, WORKRITE has provided high end sit stand desks, keyboard tray systems, and monitor arms at reasonable prices for nearly 30 years. WORKRITE understands the importance of providing ergonomics programs, as workers that are healthy and happy with their workplace are more productive. Each WORKRITE ERGONOMICS FURNITURE product is created with the input of ergonomics experts, and designed to provide a comfortable work experience. Sit stand desks perform all the necessary complex functions while being incredibly intuitive to use, inviting all to use them and increasing the return on investment. The design and engineering team stays up to date on the latest technologies and design techniques to create products with specifications that match top-of-the-line furniture. The sophisticated look of WORKRITE can easily be adapted to the everchanging workplace, fit for any office worker in any environment. WORKRITE ERGONOMICS FURNITURE solutions are ideal for the everchanging business world of today. Behind the well-crafted, intelligently designed solutions of WORKRITE is an incredibly positive company culture, supported by President Charlie Lawrence where employees truly care for one another and push each other to do the best job possible for themselves and for the customer. Lawrence supports his employees by keeping his ear the ground, personally talking to and helping the people at every step of the business to make sure that the employee, and in turn, the customer, feels like they are appreciated. As a people-oriented company, WORKRITE ERGONOMICS FURNITURE believes in individual human rights, and with their partnership with Causegear, WORKRITE has managed to raise enough funds to provide well over 21 thousand days of freedom from slavery, human trafficking, and poverty around the world. 

Listed below are all the product lines available from WORKRITE ERGONOMICS FURNITURE. Although we feature only a select number of them on our website at a given time, we will be happy to assist you with anything specific you may be looking for. If you wish to find out more about any of our manufacturers or their products, please email or call us at 888.618.2010 and one of our specialists will contact you within 24 hours.

Fundamentals AKP 01
Fundamentals AKP 02
Metro 6
S2S Compact
S2S Ultrathin
Leader 1
Leader 2
Leader 4
Leader 5
Leader 6
Leader 8


Fundamentals EX & LX
Sierra HX
Sierra HXL
Cascade Counterbalance


Conform STS
Conform Single 
Willow Single
Conform Dual
Conform Triple
Willow Dual
Willow Dual Wide