Great Ways to Encourage Better Employee Health

Great Ways To Encourage Better Employee Health

Making the Office a Healthy Place to Thrive

Americans value being “healthy, wealthy, and wise,” as the old saying goes about being early to bed and early to rise. It’s smart advice to live by. Creating a healthy office environment by making a few investments in workplace health overall is fairly easy to do and it doesn’t have to strain the budget.

Any investments made are sure to generate a return as noted by the Harvard Business Review. The 2010 study showed that a dollar invested in wellness, can return an average a return of $2.71 through greater productivity, reduced absenteeism, and fewer healthcare costs.

Take a look at what you can do and see what some companies in Southern California are already doing.

Use Standing Desks

Okay. Apple, Inc. in Cupertino isn’t a Southern California company, but it is notable that the proper desks were emphasized for the 12,000 employees that are all located in the $5 billion dollar spaceship-style structure. Height-adjustable desks are in use throughout to promote workplace health. People are meant to move and not sit in one place for several hours at a time.

Install a Treadmill or Onsite Gym

Durable treadmills can give employees a walking break without having to leave the office. For companies that have more resources, install an onsite gym like Procore Technologies of Carpinteria. It made its mark developing construction management software and helps to keep its employees healthy.

Offer Fitness Subsidies

Give incentives for getting in shape. Honey, a downtown Los Angeles company that has a cash back program and coupon application for consumers provides fitness subsidies for its employees.

While at the office, make sure desks and workstations have ergonomic chairs that properly support the back, hips, and joints.

On-Site Yoga & Boot Camps

Bring the team together and do ab crunches on-site or stretch those muscles like HYFN in Playa Vista does, with its on-site yoga and boot camps. The movement makes for sharper focus on developing their cross-platform advertising solutions.

Provide Wellness Guidance for Finances and Workplace Health

Bring in top-notch experts to provide wellness guidance on topics like diabetes, weight management, and how to gradually start a fitness program. Roth Staff of Orange County also addresses financial health in its wide-ranging wellness programs for workers.

Encourage Lunch-Time Strolls

Provide a map of the most fun walk-able or jog-able areas near the office. Have an occasional meeting outdoors in a nearby park. Getting out reduces stress by clearing the mind and giving the heart a chance to pump.

Provide Relaxation Areas

It’s good for employees to also have quiet places to retreat to so consider furniture for lounge areas and unique one-on-one meeting space, especially in an open office environment.

A healthy office supports employees in their tasks just like properly selected office furniture. Make strategic purchases for deskschairsstorage and more with the help of 2010 Office Furniture.

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