Office Star Products

ABOUT OFFICE STAR PRODUCTS OFFICE STAR PRODUCTS has been a leader in the commercial office and residential furniture industry since 1987. Their headquarters and main warehouses are located in Ontario and Fontana, California and are still working on expanding today. Decades after their incorporation, OFFICE STAR products are now widespread all over the country, marketing […]

Abstract Modern Office Furniture

LOOKBOOK ABSTRACT MODERN OFFICE FURNITURE Favoring unusual shapes & bold colors, the Abstract Modern Office is a vibrant departure from the traditional.  It aims to add a playful – but never distracting – element to the workspace. (1) The Senator Group Haven Pods Workstations (2) OFS Staks Workstations and Flexxy Task Chairs (3) Encore Seating Chance Guest Chairs  REQUEST MORE INFO WORK VS PLAY One […]

Scandinavian Office Furniture

LOOKBOOK THE SCANDINAVIAN OFFICE  With simplicity, functionality and sound craftsmanship at its core, the Scandinavian office design is a timeless, minimalist approach that celebrates the beauty of nature and puts us in harmony with our environment.  (1) Stylex Free Address Tables (2) Nucraft Alev Table (3) ERG International Tivoli Lounge  REQUEST MORE INFO OUT OF DARKNESS The Scandinavian office design came […]

6 Reasons to Use a Resimercial Design for Your Office

6 Reasons to Use a Resimercial Design for Your Office

There are many benefits to resimercial office design like boosting employee creativity and retaining your talent. If you’re looking to refresh an existing office or plan a new office layout, consider blending the look of a residence within a commercial space. Photo: OFS Rowen Lounge Sofa Resimercial Design is a Lasting Trend Designing a commercial […]

Creating Workspaces to Bring Employees and Their Ideas Together

Creating Workspaces to Bring Employees and Their Ideas Together

Designing an office and creating workspaces that spark ideas and innovation is different than creating ones based solely on square footage and placement of workstations. To get the most from your work environment, think of the office as more than a facility and a collection of desks. Think of it as a collision center. Here’s […]

Designing a Healthy Office

Designing a Healthy Office

Designing a healthy office is important in fostering an environment where morale is high and people are productive. Employees are motivated to work as a team and focused on their tasks, instead of how to handle their aches and pains. But what is a healthy office setting and how do you achieve a place where […]

Resimercial Office Designs and Trends

Resimercial Office Designs and Trends

When looking at resimercial office designs, it’s important to go back and remember where it all started from. Remember when all work was performed in the corporate office? Then came use of the home office. Third spaces then evolved as popular alternatives between home and work that helped avoid the grind of commuting in Los […]

Office Master

ABOUT OFFICE MASTER OFFICE MASTER Seating began in 1996 on a farm in San Diego and started as a small company with roots in agriculture. Present day OM is a large company that has done business nationwide and is committed more than ever to provide unique, smart solutions for their customers. OM lives by three […]

OCI Contract

ABOUT OCI CONTRACT Founded in 1974 with over 50 years of experience and dedication to their craft, OCI CONTRACT is a family company based in California in tune with the ever changing pulse of consumer needs. Over the past 8 years, OCI office furniture has adapted their designs to curate to modern trends while uncompromising […]


ABOUT MAYLINE MAYLINE COMPANY, LLC was created in 1939 in Wisconsin, where the furniture industry heavily influenced the local economy. They began by only selling one thing: the MAYLINE drafting table, before they moved on to design and improve other selections. They were one of the first in the entire industry to introduce height adjustable […]

Design Your Office Space for Residential Comfort and Professional Results

Design Your Office Space for Residential Comfort and Professional Results

An office is a place to tackle your work, and the office environment impacts how well you’ll do your job. This is important to note when you design your office space. The trend in resimercial design is a way of making employees feel comfortable, boosting their creativity and creating an environment to increase productivity. But […]

Essentials for the Corporate and Home Office Spaces

Essentials for the Corporate and Home Office Spaces

Employees working remotely are no longer an exception.  In the aftermath of Covid-19, companies have learned to accept employees working from both corporate and home office spaces, as well as other remote places. The corporate office is still necessary. Goals that fulfill the mission of the company begin in a central location and move outward, […]

Planning Office Layouts for Today’s Workplace Needs

Planning Office Layouts for Today’s Workplace Needs

Before discussing and planning office layouts, let’s set this up shall we? You wake up, get ready for the day, and head to your office which is—where? Tele-commuting became a popular term over 20 years ago. In just the last few years, offices experienced more decentralization with employees and freelance staff working remotely from home […]

Ways to Make the Workplace More Kind and Caring

Ways to Make the Workplace More Kind and Caring

You matter. And so do others who work near you.  That is why it’s important to make the workplace more kind and caring. Companies that foster a sincere approach to caring in the office will find a lasting payoff through employees looking out for each other’s best interests: talent will stay engaged workers will be […]

Developing a Supportive Work Environment OFS Denro

Developing a Supportive Office Work Environment

Imagine the benefits of a supportive office work environment where you enter in the morning knowing that you’ll face challenges, and as you head to your workstation you get a comment from a team member, “Let me know if you get stuck and I’ll be glad to help.” You smile. Just think how great it’d […]

Resimercial Office Furniture

LOOKBOOK THE RESIMERCIAL OFFICE Balancing the thin line between the home & workplace, the Resimercial office design combines residential & commercial elements to combat the cold sterility of traditional corporate furnishings. (1) Stylex Trim Table (2) OFS Beck Table (3) OFS Banda Benches  REQUEST MORE INFO THE EVOLUTION OF THE OFFICE The history and evolution of the modern office […]


ABOUT STYLEX STYLEX is a family run company dedicated to providing the best options for refined seating before expanding to other office furniture. Their vision was not only to be a better seating manufacturer, but to also focus on how seating is used and how it complements its surrounding environment. STYLEX embodies an inventive spirit and […]

Enwork Office Furniture

ABOUT ENWORK OFFICE FURNITURE ENWORK Office Furniture began as a small American business, founded in 2003 in a basement office by Kelli and David Powell. The mission for their business from the very beginning has been providing reliable, budget-friendly furniture solutions with excellent customer service behind it. As time went by and the world of […]

Designing an Office to Support Your Employees

Designing an Office to Support Your Employees

Every important trend has a human element that we ignore or don’t consider. This can happen when designing and planning an office for maximum productivity. It’s important to remember that the end result has to support the people who work there. Sounds obvious, right? Photo: Global eO+ Panels But we often put things before people. […]

Repurpose Your Office Space for the Post-Covid Work World

Repurpose Your Office Space for the Post-Covid Work World

(IMPORTANT NOTICE: The recommendations on this article about Covid-19 in the office are NOT from health experts, and have not been medically tested nor proven as an effective cure or prevention for COVID-19 or any other diseases.) The stay-at-home orders forced employees into flexible and remote working arrangements. Now’s the time to implement the best office […]

Modern Industrial Office Furniture

LOOKBOOK MODERN INDUSTRIAL OFFICE FURNITURE Textured. Sophisticated. Raw. With the Modern Industrial Office, the workspace is stripped to the bare bones.  It mixes the sensibilities of the past with the optimism of the future, creating a minimalistic aesthetic that blends the unique rich textures of wood, earth and metal. (1) The Senator Group Orb Workstations (2) The Senator […]

Best Office Spaces ERG International Connos, Newport and Tango Collection

The Best Office Spaces are Responsive to Employee Needs

Office spaces that are responsive to a changing marketplace and the circumstances impacting society have a competitive advantage. Employees should be able to focus even when change swirls around them, and they can use different spaces that give them the freedom to work as effectively as possible. Keeping your team healthy and well is a […]

Energize Your Office with Movement AMQ Kinex

Energize Your Office with Movement

A productive office emphasizes smart movement over a sedentary lifestyle. It’s important to learn how to energize your office with movement that’s good for the body, mind and overall well-being of employees. Moving comes in many ways that are beneficial. The Problem with Not Moving Sitting during the workday begins before you arrive at the […]

Office of the Future Global River Lounge

Office of the Future: Plan an Office that Meets Your Company Goals and Personal Needs

Businesses around Los Angeles have seen how the Covid-19 stay-at-home orders had a sudden impact on their office workplace and operations. Many small businesses have had to fire more than half of their staff. A neighborhood clinic in Pasadena immediately switched to tele-medicine appointments because they had to cancel in-person visits.  Many are wondering: what […]

Safco Office Furniture

ABOUT SAFCO OFFICE FURNITURE SAFCO OFFICE FURNITURE has been providing quality furniture for over 50 years, but has a proud history of over 100 years of contemporary thinking and values inherited from their parent company: Liberty Diversified International. Prized for their adaptability and approachable front, their aim is to find the right fit for you. […]

AIS Office Furniture

ABOUT AIS OFFICE FURNITURE As a company that focuses strongly on ingenuity, AIS OFFICE FURNITURE commit themselves to the success of their clients by offering affordable, award-winning products and maintaining sustainable business practices that have brought a game-changing energy and charisma to the office furniture market.  The company boasts an intelligent and passionate team of […]

Private Executive Office Furniture

LOOKBOOK PRIVATE EXECUTIVE AND JUNIOR EXECUTIVE OFFICE FURNITURE Beautiful, rich finishes. Innovative tech integration. Unique design details. From ultra modern to contemporary or classic – your options are limitless. Create your very own private executive office sanctuary with office furniture that boasts all of the important and luxe amenities. (1) OFS Impulse G2 Private Office Suite  (2) […]

National Office Furniture

ABOUT NATIONAL OFFICE FURNITURE NATIONAL OFFICE FURNITURE joined the industry in 1980 with a vision to create products and conduct business in a way that stands out from the rest, boasting short lead times and contemporary office solutions for a low price. NATIONAL builds and maintains strong, trustworthy relationships with its clients by delivering products on time […]

Allermuir Office Furniture

ABOUT ALLERMUIR OFFICE FURNITURE Founded in the 1970s, ALLERMUIR OFFICE FURNITURE focuses on creating high-end furniture solutions for the office, home, and public space unlike anything done before. ALLERMUIR has found great success over the years by thinking outside of the box- by constantly testing designs and ideas beyond the status quo, they have learned and […]

Social Distancing Office

LOOKBOOK SOCIAL DISTANCING OFFICE LAYOUT & DESIGN IDEAS Promote social distancing office practices with innovative high performance products designed for better office health. From privacy screens, space dividers & counter shields, to architectural panels, acoustic walls & antimicrobial textiles – we’ve got you covered. Important Notice: The recommendations on this website are NOT from health experts, […]

Ways to Create Social Distancing in the Office

Ways to Help Create Social Distancing in the Office

(IMPORTANT NOTICE: The recommendations on this article about social distancing in the office are NOT from health experts, and have not been medically tested nor proven as an effective cure or prevention for COVID-19 or any other diseases.) Without a doubt, Covid-19 slammed the brakes on the popular open plan trend –  where office space is maximized […]

Nevins Office Furniture

ABOUT NEVINS OFFICE FURNITURE Founded in 1979 with a simple philosophy of providing solutions with choices, NEVINS OFFICE FURNITURE has seen success with its pledge for several decades. The NEVINS team is built on skilled professionals providing excellent customer service. By creating a strong team atmosphere and work environment, clients can have their voices heard […]

Covid Office Furniture Essentials

COVID-19  COVID OFFICE FURNITURE ESSENTIALS Previous Next a safe & healthy office PREPARING THE WORKPLACE FOR COVID-19 In our current world of face masks, hand sanitizers and social distancing, the workplace must adapt to a new normal that embraces caution, consideration and good health of its employees.  This means integrating innovative COVID office furniture solutions […]

Modern Cubicles Office Workstation

Modern Cubicles Office Workstation

Office layout plays a very important role in creating a work environment in the office. A healthy work environment can bring in more leads and sales for companies and increase the productivity of the workforce. Office layout defines company culture. When companies are starting, they pay a great amount of attention to the details on […]

Private and Semi-Private Office Cubicles

LOOKBOOK PRIVATE AND SEMI-PRIVATE OFFICE CUBICLES Design robust work areas with private or semi-private office cubicles. Sturdy, versatile & lightweight, these panel systems can be set up in countless configurations for shared or solitary spaces. (1) Trendway Snap Semi-Private Cubicles  (2) Friant Novo Panel System (3) Open Plan Systems Razor Workstations  REQUEST MORE INFO (4) Trendway Choices Series (5) Trendway […]

Open Plan Benching and Desking

LOOKBOOK OPEN PLAN BENCHING AND DESKING Open up your office space with modern open plan benching and desking solutions. Promote team interaction & collaboration, while still providing needed individual focus. (1) Friant Dash Revitalize Benching Collection (2) Friant My-Hite & Novo Collections (3) Friant Dash Revitalize Benching Collection  REQUEST MORE INFO (4) HON Empower Series (5) HON Empower Series  REQUEST MORE INFO […]

Trendway Office Furniture

ABOUT TRENDWAY OFFICE FURNITURE TRENDWAY OFFICE FURNITURE was founded over 50 years ago, working through two economic recessions with a laser focus on the customer experience, from their reliable, long-lasting solutions to a heavy emphasis on their customer service. By focusing on their employees and customers alike, TRENDWAY has built a team of passionate workers […]

Source International Furniture

ABOUT SOURCE INTERNATIONAL FURNITURE SOURCE INTERNATIONAL FURNITURE was established in 1982, focusing on providing a blend of contemporary, sophisticated designs at reasonable prices. The design team is top notch, taking inspiration from designs all over the world and consistently innovating office furniture, giving SOURCE one of the most impressive portfolios of seating products to date. […]

Indiana Furniture

ABOUT INDIANA FURNITURE INDIANA FURNITURE is headquartered in Jasper, Indiana where the company was founded over a hundred years ago, showing commitment to providing office furnishing with the highest standards in the industry. In its lifespan, INDIANA FURNITURE has always operated under a philosophy of valuing the general community, protecting the environment, and practicing good […]

iDesk Office Furniture

ABOUT iDESK OFFICE FURNITURE iDESK OFFICE FURNITURE is a design-focused office furniture brand created by Cherryman Industries, a leader in providing commercial furniture in America. Sharing the same platform of instock availability as its parent company, iDesk is supported by five distribution centers strategically placed in major market locations in the United States. The full […]