Happiness and Productivity in the Office OFS Heya Table

Planning for Happiness and Productivity in the Office

Cultivate strong morale and you’ll have more employees who are happy and engaged in their work. But is happiness in the office really important? Shouldn’t people just buckle down and do their work?  Read on to learn how to plan for happiness and productivity in the office. Let’s think it through and see how to […]

NeoCon Trends 2023 Stylex Seating Luna Lounge Seating

NeoCon 2023 Trends: Lighting the Way to a Better Workspace

NeoCon has been setting the tone for commercial office furniture trends since 1990, and lighting the way for revolutionary designs of the commercial industry as a whole. Every year, NeoCon hosts more than 40,000 attendees and 400 companies to exhibit their latest furniture solutions, as well as keynotes, special events, and workshops for entrepreneurs and […]

NeoCon 2023 Winners Senator Enwork Koncept

Editor’s Top Picks: NeoCon 2023 Winners

As NeoCon 2023 wraps up, we’re seeing the frontlines of the future emerge with cutting edge products from over 400 companies that attended the event. As the single most significant show in the commercial design industry, NeoCon attracted over 50,000 attendees over the course of three days, and named this year’s Best of NeoCon 2023 winners […]

NeoCon 2023 OFS Zero Chairs

NeoCon 2023 Countdown Begins!

NeoCon 2023 is fast approaching, and with it the chance to see the latest innovation in furniture. NeoCon is the most important event of the year for the commercial design industry since 1969. It takes place at the famous Merchandise Mart, also known as “The Mart,” in Chicago and is only open to trade professionals. […]

Scandinavian Spaces

ABOUT SCANDINAVIAN SPACES SCANDINAVIAN SPACES is a family company run by brothers Thomas and Robert Jönsson established in 2016. As a relatively new company, SCANDINAVIAN SPACES is a fresh face in the industry that advocates for Scandinavian aesthetics and philosophies of health and wellness through its designs. Their core values are color, design, and life; […]

Choosing the SitOnIt Chair That’s Best for Your Office Needs

Looking for the perfect seating to furnish your office space? A SitOnIt chair just may be what you need! Office chairs deserve attention and you need to choose one that works best in your office. These commonplace pieces of furniture are unsung heroes in the corporate environment and also for remote workers at home.   […]

Designing a Collaborative Office Space SitOnIt Seating Collaboration

Designing a Collaborative Office Space to Ignite Creativity and Productivity at Work

The collaborative office space is a growing trend in today’s modern workspaces, with its importance and popularity gaining much momentum especially after the Covid-19 pandemic. These spaces are designed to foster teamwork, communication, and creativity among employees.  What is a Collaborative Space? What is the collaborative space definition? Collaborative office spaces are specially designed areas […]

A Successful Work-From-Home Strategy to Adapt

Stepping out of the corporate office and into a successful work-from-home scenario seems to have plenty of advantages like reduced commute times and being available for family needs as they arise. Corporate offices can have plenty of distractions like conversations in the break rooms, last-minute meetings, and reports needing to be turned in. But home […]

KFI Studios Office Furniture

ABOUT KFI STUDIOS OFFICE FURNITURE KFI STUDIOS has been in the furniture industry for 30 years, lighting the way for evolution. They have one motto—that whatever you are, to be a good one. KFI Studios works with designers from all over the world who have the same desire to create fresh, high-quality products that support […]

Flexible Office Spaces OFS Hex Seating Ottomans and Tables

Best Uses of Flexible Office Spaces

Flexible office spaces are necessary for today’s office environment and they have benefits that help employees get the work done while keeping them engaged. Flexible office spaces are orderly and structured—not scattered, chaotic, or haphazard. Plan the areas needed for focused work and spontaneous interactions since both are needed. Modular office furniture solutions make it […]

Flexible Interior Office Spaces Nucraft Tesano Table

4 Benefits of Furnishing Flexible Interior Office Spaces

Flexible interior office spaces have several benefits that create competitive advantages for companies and office space providers like cost-savings and keeping employee satisfaction high. Look at each benefit and see how you can plan your office space to maximize its use. Flexible Interior Spaces Save Money An open office floor plan can work to a […]

Best Office Furniture Trends Stylex Trim Table

Why These May be the Best Office Furniture Trends Ever

Professional offices are experiencing lasting changes after Covid shutdowns scattered employees who stayed connected through online meetings and other forms of technology. The office functioned outside the walls of the corporate headquarters. Hybrid work arrangements have become normal for many with the corporate office taking on a new role as a hub.  With all these […]

Mobile and Nesting Desks Global Terina Table

Using Mobile and Nesting Desks for Your Office

Tired of getting up from your workstation and carrying your laptop from one place to another? Consider a mobile desk. Need more floor space? Try nesting desks, also referred to as stackable desks.  Expand your productivity and office space and bring a new level of flexibility and efficiency to your office environment with mobile and nesting […]

Flexible Office 9to5 Seating Aria Chairs

Equipping the Flexible Office for Maximum Productivity and Professional Experience

With COVID, flexible office work arrangements are more popular than ever. Digital technology has kept employees so connected for the past couple of decades that many need reminders to unplug during vacations and long weekends. Going through the COVID-19 shutdown made remote working mandatory and now companies are reimagining how doing tasks in remote locations […]

Informal Workspaces Edge Collaboration Spaces

Leveraging the Benefits of Informal Workspaces in Office Planning and Design

Informal workspaces are a strategic use of your existing office space.  They are much more than having a ping-pong table available for team-building exercises. It’s an important step in ergonomics.  Furniture equipment should meet the needs of the worker instead of making the worker use the equipment at personal expense. Planning and designing informal office […]

Touchdown Spaces Global+ River Lounge

The Benefits of Touchdown Spaces in Office Space Planning and Design

Your employees are more than workers—they’re consumers of the office experience you provide.  And for them in today’s professional climate, touchdown spaces have never been more important than now.  Let’s break it down. Here are two factors impacting your office: Hybrid work arrangements Personalities who seem to have conflicting needs Many companies in Southern California […]

Modern Reception Desks Gravity Reception Desk

Your Guide to Modern Reception Desks to Impress Your Guests and Clients

Convey your company’s brand and create positive first impressions using modern reception desks. Welcome and engage your guests in your surroundings. The furniture you use in your lobby and reception area sets the tone for your office and influences how clients and vendors will think about doing business with you. Here’s a brief and useful […]

Resimercial Office Trend HON Westhill Lounge

Designing for Comfort and Employee Well-Being with the Resimercial Office Trend

Lines between our personal and professional lives have blurred with instant communication and cloud storage. Kids and colleagues can get in touch as needed. There are boundaries, of course. But the 2020 stay-at-home orders showed that many companies found a way to keep operating with nearly all of their employees at home.  Enter the Resimercial […]

Resimercial Office Design OFS Edge Structures

Using Resimercial Office Design as an Employee Retention Strategy

Imagine if your employees left your office feeling refreshed and not burned out after a day or week on the job. Office design that supports overall health and well-being can have a positive impact on people. Resimercial office design holds that possibility. A resimercial office design can lead to greater employee engagement, loyalty, and productivity. […]

Design Your Office Like It’s a Neighborhood Destination Trendway Volo Wall

Design Your Office Like It’s a Neighborhood Destination

Every neighborhood has a unique look and atmosphere and so does your office environment. Single-family homes, apartments, local coffee shops, eateries, and parks make your neighborhood distinct from others.  The same goes with the office, especially now.  When comparing pre-covid / post-covid office design, we realize how important all the different components that make our “office […]

The Senator Group

ABOUT SENATOR GROUP THE SENATOR GROUP has been dedicated to a mission of attention to detail, integrity, investment in people and passion for design since 1976. For nearly five decades, this forward-thinking company remains an independent, family-owned business and has grown into one of the largest office manufacturers in the world. So what makes them […]

HAT Collective

ABOUT HAT COLLECTIVE OFFICE FURNITURE HAT COLLECTIVE is the product of parent company Innovative Ergonomics Solutions. A family-owned operation, IES created HAT COLLECTIVE as a result of like-minded organizations such as HAT Contract and SiS Ergo coming together. While the name has evolved, the company still carries the spirit of IES, continuing their legacy of […]

6 Types of Spaces Every Office Needs Trendway Standing Height Table

6 Types of Spaces Every Office Needs

Keep those cubicles up and the office lights on. Why? If you’re thinking work-from-home isn’t working for you and your company, you may be right.  Studies show that there are essential, different types of spaces that make for a productive and positive workplace, that working from home just doesn’t accommodate. The corporate office remains important […]

NeoCon 2022 Winners

Editor’s Choice: NeoCon 2022 Winners

What’s in store for the future of office furniture? NeoCon 2022 dazzled the world this month with game-changing innovations and revolutionary new products unveiled by more than 400 leading companies.  As the single most important event in the commercial design industry, this annual show drew nearly 40,000 attendants to Chicago to celebrate upcoming trends in furniture, textiles, building materials, lighting, wall […]

NeoCon 2022 Trends

NeoCon 2022 Trends: The Future of Office Furniture

Every year, NeoCon takes our breath away with the unveiling of new and revolutionary designs in commercial office furniture. This year is no exception as the largest event of the industry introduced all the long awaited NeoCon 2022 trends earlier this month. Since 1990, NeoCon has been the leading hub of the commercial design community, […]


ABOUT DARRAN OFFICE FURNITURE Established since 1977, creator Randy Hollingsworth founded DARRAN FURNITURE with the objective to offer limitless options for casegoods. Today, DARRAN is renowned for their unique identity, mass customization of office furniture and impeccable design style. The company stays true to their goal: to offer a myriad of collections for a variety […]

Stylex Seating

Office Furniture Trends 2022: What’s New in Commercial Office Furniture

Over the last decade we’ve seen tremendous changes in our offices and how we work — especially within the last couple of years. Office furniture trends of 2022 are no doubt a reflection of these important changes.  As we recover from a world pandemic, our schedules are less structured, our interactions more organic and our technology more advanced. […]

Best Office Dividers and Filing Systems Allermuir Mollie Chair

Choosing the Best Office Dividers and Filing Systems

People are social creatures, and a well-planned office with strategically placed office dividers will bring employees together, yet allow them the personal space they need in order to focus. But don’t fear the gray cubicle. Plenty of cubicles are designed with workstation dividers with storage for filing, and free-standing partitions, bring color and serve to unify […]

Guide to Equipping Your Home Office SitOnIt Chair

Your Guide to Equipping Your Home Office

Your home office space can be as simple or sophisticated as you need to do your work. For those working remotely, or working on hybrid arrangements, here is your strategic guide to equipping your home office. Make sure it’s well-equipped and well-connected. The space should be pleasing and comfortable to work in, just like a corporate […]

Welcome Gathering Place SitOnIt Reya Desk

Design Your Office Space as a Welcome Gathering Place

Why the need for an office welcome gathering place? Just a few years ago, the office was everything. Remote work or occasional telecommuting was talked about, but in reality that practice was the exception. In 2018, only a third of the workforce could do their jobs at home, according to figures from the Bureau of Labor […]

Interior Design Office Tips Friant System 2 Screen

Infusing Offices with New Energy Using Fresh Interior Design Office Tips

The upcoming year have many of us starting anew and looking for ways to freshen up our office.  And like most things, we want our workspace to look and feel better, as well as work more efficiently for our needs.  These great interior design office tips not only help revamp and elevate your office space, […]

Office Designs Ideas Post Covid OFS Rowen Lounge

Now’s the Time for Inspired Office Designs Ideas Post Covid

(IMPORTANT NOTICE: The recommendations on this article on how to help protect workers are NOT from health experts, and have not been medically tested nor proven as an effective cure or prevention for COVID-19 or any other diseases.) The 2020 covid pandemic have drastically changed the ways we work and live.  If there’s ever a time […]

Your Guide to Office Feng Shui OFS Riff Table

Your Guide to Office Feng Shui for the Best Office Environment

Creating the best office environment isn’t only about arranging furniture and equipment, it’s also developing an ambiance that has a positive flow of energy. Consider laying out your workspace using office feng shui. Imagine the benefits: Having a workplace with reduced stress Using appealing natural elements Maximizing employee comfort A cleaner and organized office What […]

6 Reasons to Let Your Employees Work from Home SitOnIt Reya Desk

6 Reasons to Let Your Employees Work from Home

Working in the Covid era has shown how knowledge-based businesses and professional firms can be productive even when employees work from home offices. Corporate offices are still needed as hubs that lay out the mission and set direction, but some employees can function more effectively at a home office setting. Why? They have the equipment, […]

Your Guide to the Best Training Furniture OFS Maren Chairs

Your Guide to the Best Training Furniture for the Office

You need employees to learn new products, review sales procedures, or keep certifications and licenses current. Bringing everyone together for training is the answer.  And it’s important to consider the best training furniture that will work for you and your company. This raises questions like what type of desks, tables and chairs are best? All […]

Green Office Design

LOOKBOOK THE GREEN OFFICE DESIGN Inspired by the great outdoors, the Green Office Design infuses lush greenery, natural light & organic textures into our workspaces, rekindling our love affair with nature and encouraging us to be kinder to our planet.  Written by Jessie Chang (1) OFS Yelly Chairs (2) Nevins Leaf Living Wall (3) Groupe Lacasse Pouf Seating  REQUEST MORE INFO A […]

Office Star Products

ABOUT OFFICE STAR PRODUCTS OFFICE STAR PRODUCTS has been a leader in the commercial office and residential furniture industry since 1987. Their headquarters and main warehouses are located in Ontario and Fontana, California and are still working on expanding today. Decades after their incorporation, OFFICE STAR products are now widespread all over the country, marketing […]

Abstract Modern Office Furniture

LOOKBOOK ABSTRACT MODERN OFFICE FURNITURE Favoring unusual shapes & bold colors, the Abstract Modern Office is a vibrant departure from the traditional.  It aims to add a playful – but never distracting – element to the workspace. Written by Jessie Chang (1) The Senator Group Haven Pods Workstations (2) OFS Staks Workstations and Flexxy Task Chairs (3) Encore Seating Chance Guest Chairs  REQUEST MORE INFO WORK […]

Scandinavian Office Furniture

LOOKBOOK THE SCANDINAVIAN OFFICE  With simplicity, functionality and sound craftsmanship at its core, the Scandinavian office design is a timeless, minimalist approach that celebrates the beauty of nature and puts us in harmony with our environment.  Written by Jessie Chang (1) Stylex Free Address Tables (2) Nucraft Alev Table (3) ERG International Tivoli Lounge  REQUEST MORE INFO OUT OF DARKNESS The Scandinavian […]