Friant Office Furniture

ABOUT FRIANT OFFICE FURNITURE FRIANT OFFICE FURNITURE is a unique and innovative manufacturing company that strives to revamp how the furniture industry does business. Founded in 1990, FRIANT & ASSOCIATES is a business built on the foundation of hard work and close relationships with the customer. The company began their operations on a $1,500 loan, […]

Cherryman Office Furniture

ABOUT CHERRYMAN OFFICE FURNITURE CHERRYMAN OFFICE FURNITURE is one of the largest companies in America offering in-stock furniture commercially. The company has done an outstanding job in developing a value market for office furniture, and is seen as a benchmark in the industry for dependable furnishing solutions at a good value. Sustainability is a top […]

Arcadia Contract

ABOUT ARCADIA CONTRACT ARCADIA CONTRACT is a modern manufacturing business that puts an emphasis on its excellent service. Since its inception in 1979, they have become a leader in seating and tables for corporate offices, schools, healthcare, hospitality, government, and sports facilities, by providing excellent manufacturing and innovative product design. Manufacturing capability and flexibility in […]

Grand Design – 2010 Office Furniture News

GRAND DESIGN NEWSLETTER JOIN OUR COMMUNITY 2010 Office Furniture’s exclusive monthly newsletter, Grand Design, gives you access to the latest industry news, hottest trends, newest products and amazing deals.  Subscribe to our mailing list and join our community of thousands of industry members today! SUBSCRIBE TO OUR MAILING LIST * indicates required Email Address * […]

The Upbeat Contemporary Office

LOOKBOOK THE UPBEAT CONTEMPORARY OFFICE Dynamic. Energetic.  The Upbeat Contemporary Office is a combination of fresh and cool that is undoubtedly very much now. (1) OFS Brands Intermix Workstation (2) Stylex NYC Wrapover & Zuo Modern Stutton Lamp (3) OFS LeanTo Lounge (4) OFS Boost Seating (5) Stylex Verve Chairs  REQUEST MORE INFO DESIGN ELEMENTS POPS OF PRIMARY COLORS blue and yellow set a vibrant […]

Office Inspirations

OFFICE INSPIRATIONS LOOKBOOK  Looking to get inspired? Browse through 2010 Office Furniture’s Lookbook gallery of office inspirations. It features the latest and greatest in office furniture trends, space planning and design, innovative gadgets and accessories, as well as color combination strategies. Enjoy! THE VINTAGE OFFICE In the wake of a global pandemic, the Vintage Office makes […]


THE BEST OFFICE FURNITURE EXPERIENCE, DELIVERED. OUR CLIENTS  For over a decade now, 2010 Office Furniture has been Southern California’s premiere commercial office furniture authority, specializing in modern systems furniture, benching and workstations, desks, tables, storage, ergonomic seating and more.  We pride ourselves as being the best office furniture dealer Los Angeles and Orange County companies […]

Sale Discount Office Furniture

SALE DEALS!  DISCOUNT OFFICE FURNITURE up to 80% off commercial brands! Get the lowest prices possible on select discount office furniture on sale now at 2010 Office Furniture of Los Angeles and Orange County. Save big on all types of office seating, from ergonomic, executive, conference or multi-purpose to lounge sofas and guest chairs. Browse […]

Creating a Great Office Design to Boost Employee Potential

Creating a Great Office Design to Boost Employee Potential

Creating a great office design that appeals to the people who work there is a recent, and important trend in office layout and planning. Does your office provide an environment that’s productive and comfortable? Have you taken a holistic look at it?  Interestingly enough, past design principles that rolled out in the 1950’s are still very […]

Creative Office Layouts that Engage Employees

Companies with unique and creative office layouts based around their brands, as a result, inspire and engage their employees to live out their brands’ promises on a daily basis. The following companies have unique office décor and settings to make employees feel a part of the mission and core strength.  Remember not to try and […]

Great Ways To Encourage Better Employee Health

Great Ways to Encourage Better Employee Health

Making the Office a Healthy Place to Thrive Americans value being “healthy, wealthy, and wise,” as the old saying goes about being early to bed and early to rise. It’s smart advice to live by. Creating a healthy office environment by making a few investments in workplace health overall is fairly easy to do and […]