9 to 5 Seating

ABOUT 9 TO 5 SEATING Founded in 1986, the “forward thinking” company 9 TO 5 SEATING prides itself in its rigorous attention to detail they put in their products in order to constantly stay ahead of the curve in ergonomic office seating. A vertically-integrated and privately owned company, 9 TO 5 SEATING specializes in both […]

Being Happy at the Office Trendway VoloWall

5 Ways of Developing a Positive Office Environment for Being Happy at the Office

Finding content and being happy at the office is possible and it doesn’t mean you have to give up on your entrepreneurial dreams or other aspirations. Regardless of anyone’s circumstances, there are plenty of reasons to be upbeat and happy. Create a supportive environment and see how a happy office has a competitive edge. Develop […]

Ergonomic Seating SitOnIt Wit Side Chair

7 Ergonomic Seating Solutions to Elevate Your Office Seating

Your team spends precious time sitting in cars or ride-share vans while commuting on Southern California’s crowded freeways, then up to several hours sitting in the office each day.  How do you reduce the stress of sitting? Read on and discover ergonomic seating furniture solutions that promote overall well-being and productivity. Sitting stresses people physically […]

OCI Seating

ABOUT OCI SEATING Founded in 1974 with over 50 years of experience and dedication to their craft, OCI SEATING is a family company based in California in tune with the ever changing pulse of consumer needs. Over the past recent years, OCI office furniture has adapted their designs to not only curate to modern trends, […]

Social Distancing Tips and Adjusting to the Realities of Covid-19 in the Office

Social Distancing Tips and Adjusting to the Realities of Covid-19 in the Office

(IMPORTANT NOTICE: The recommendations on this article about Covid-19 in the office are NOT from health experts, and have not been medically tested nor proven as an effective cure or prevention for COVID-19 or any other diseases.) Amazing changes are shaking work environments as the world tackles the prevention of spreading Covid-19 in the office. The […]

Encore Seating

ABOUT ENCORE SEATING ENCORE SEATING is a provider of contemporary seating solutions fit for an assortment of applications, including office spaces, institutions, healthcare, and much more. As a leader in providing options-oriented office furniture, Encore is raising the bar in design, ergonomics, and build quality. Encore offers the customer choices with an emphasis on flexibility […]

NeoCon 2019 Winners

NeoCon 2019 Winners

CONTRACT MAGAZINE ANNOUNCES NEOCON  2019 WINNERS Every year, Contract Magazine hosts the Best of NeoCon Competition which surveys the latest and greatest in commercial product design and highlights standout entries in various design categories.  The 2019 winners were announced during an awards breakfast on June 10 at the Renaissance Hotel in Chicago, Illinois, where eighty-three awards and […]

Via Seating

ABOUT VIA SEATING VIA SEATING has been an industry leader in office seating design and product quality for 30 years. They use their signature molded foam technology in every chair, providing unmatched comfort and consistent quality every time. Quality is, in fact, a trademark of this company.  They test their chairs at a higher standard […]

SitOnIt Seating

ABOUT SITONIT SEATING Since its establishment in 1996, SITONIT SEATING has been an industry leader in high quality, built to order seating, and with good reason. Their collections of award winning designs go through rigid quality control testing, and made from the ground up with the customer in mind. Many customizations of their products are […]

Checklist of Wellness Activities for 2019

Checklist of Wellness Activities for 2019

Mission: Wellness Activities Make wellness an office priority with this checklist of wellness activities for 2019. 1. Move Often Benefits: Regular movements keep blood circulating well and prevent joints from stiffening. Movement can also clear the mind. What to Do: Stretch every 20 minutes while sitting at the desk Use height-adjustable desks and tables to […]

Digital Workspace Trends 2019

Digital Workplace Trends for 2019

4 Tech Office Trends 2019 to Follow We’re seeing the future of work around us every day — automation in its different forms while bringing the comforts of home into professional environments. Look for these four technology office trends 2019 that will shape the workplace in the upcoming year. 1. Artificial Intelligence in B2C A […]

Best Ergonomic Chairs 2023 SitOnIt Wit Chair

The Quest for Best Ergonomic Chairs 2023

Looking for the best ergonomic chairs in 2023 makes sense. You’re equipping your office to meet the physical needs of your employees so they’re more productive and have better overall well-being. It’s the opposite of telling them to sit on whatever chair is available, no matter how rigid and uncomfortable it is. Why Ergonomics is […]

Orange County Used Office Furniture Senator Group SetMe Workstations

How to Decide if You Should Buy Used or New Office Furniture in Orange County

Businesses in all industries face the same question: is It better to buy office furniture new or used? No matter the company, from a digital marketing agency in Mission Viejo, a professional health practice in Fullerton, to a startup tech company in Irvine, one may wonder if you should invest in new or used furniture. […]

Orange County Used Furniture HON Ignition Chair

Reasons to Buy Quality Used Office Furniture in Orange County

Buying used office furniture can prove to be a smart money move for startup companies, established businesses, and nonprofits in Orange County. Remember, quality always counts whether you’re buying new or used. Quality office furnishings are designed to support workers so they can be productive and remain healthy day after day. Companies on a budget […]

Design and Plan Your Office for Collaboration and Inspiration AIS Calibrate Table

Design and Plan Your Office for Collaboration and Inspiration

Elevate your office from the mundane to a setting that generates collaboration and inspires your team to do their best. The thought invested in planning spaces, choosing the right furnishings, and using color schemes that matter keep morale high and your employees working at peak efficiency.  Tech companies around Los Angeles are known for breaking […]

Modern Office Reception

LOOKBOOK MODERN OFFICE RECEPTION FURNITURE Rising from humble beginnings, today’s modern office receptions are larger, grander and entrusted with the most important of roles: to create the perfect first impression. Written by Jessie Chang (1) 9 to 5 Seating Lilly Office Reception Chairs (2) OFS Element Office Reception Desk (3) ERG International Cody Occasional Table  REQUEST MORE INFO THE IMPORTANCE OF OFFICE […]

Modern Conference Room and Meeting Spaces

LOOKBOOK MODERN CONFERENCE ROOM & MEETING SPACES Today’s modern conference room continuous to evolve with our rapidly changing work environments.  It’s all about inclusivity, flexibility, optimized communication & open collaboration.  Written by Jessie Chang (1) OFS Intermix Conference Table (2) Source Scape Lounge (3) Enwork Equilibrium Conference Table  REQUEST MORE INFO (4) Senator Play Audio/Visual Media Table (5)  Senator Play Tables Variation  REQUEST MORE […]

Work From Home Office Furniture

COVID-19  WORK FROM HOME OFFICE FURNITURE Previous Next limited time offer + free shipping! WORK FROM HOME DEALS For a limited time, unlock up to 53% off list price when you use our exclusive discount code 110303 on award winning SitOnIt Seating home office solutions.  Select from easy-to-assemble home office desks, height adjustable work solutions, ergonomic […]

Modern Breakroom Furniture

LOOKBOOK MODERN BREAKROOM FURNITURE Get inspired. Browse through our visual compilation of modern breakroom furniture layouts, design ideas & shopping guide for your next office project. (1) OFS Rowen, Denro & Bistro Series (2) OFS Riff Table (3) Source International Repeat Bench, Fjord Chair & LT Table  REQUEST MORE INFO (4) Source International Scape HB Booths (5) Source International […]

Creating Ergonomic Workstations for Office Well-Being and Productivity

Creating Ergonomic Workstations for Office Well-Being and Productivity

Creating and designing an ergonomic workplace with ergonomic workstations isn’t just a passing fad. Here’s why. You’ve known plenty of dedicated employees who struggle with maladies such as carpal tunnel syndrome, back strain, or spend hours squinting at the computer screen. In the break room or in social settings, how many times have you heard […]

Creating Your Best Work Environment to Boost Your Brand

Creating Your Best Work Environment to Boost Your Brand

Think through the times you’ve stepped into an office setting and wondered about the work environment. The warning signs were likely subtle, weren’t they? How was the office planning and layout? Did the furnishings seem functional and up to date—or out of date? What about tension? That’s the people part. All of these elements contribute […]

Commercial Office Furniture Partners

COMMERCIAL OFFICE FURNITURE PARTNERS Shop the latest office trends from the most trusted names in commercial office furniture to fully furnish or update your business office.  Our partners include distinguished manufacturers that have been in the business for decades with a solid reputation for providing reliable and beautifully made commercial office furniture.  It’s no surprise […]

Make Office Ergonomics Your Next Smart Move

Make Office Ergonomics Your Next Smart Move

What is Office Ergonomics Keeping employees well and productive isn’t just about giving lectures on how to stop smoking or regulate blood pressure. Physical movement is one of the keys to keeping an office staff healthy.  It impacts work-related absenteeism (since prolonged sitting or standing stresses muscles and joints which can lead to musculoskeletal disorders […]

Top List of Office Furniture Manufacturers

Top List of Office Furniture Manufacturers

Office Furniture Manufacturers that are California Cool Today’s leading office furniture manufacturers provide office furniture that is easy to customize to the needs of employees. Whether you have an animation studio in Burbank or an architectural firm near downtown Los Angeles, a solution like open-plan desking from a maker like Maverick can create a welcoming […]


IT’S GREATTO MEET YOU. 2010 Los Angeles Office Furniture and Orange County is one of Southern California’s premium dealer of new and used office furniture, including  modern open plan benching, workstations, cubicles, desks, tables, storage, seating and more.  We offer only the highest quality office furniture for large and small businesses, and give our clients […]

NeoCon 2024 Winners Main Ofs Ally Table Series

Highlights: This Year’s Outstanding NeoCon 2024 Winners

The most significant event in commercial design industry has come to an end, and with it arrives the latest trailblazing NeoCon 2024 trends and solutions commercial office furniture has to offer. NeoCon 2024 forecast themes to be similar to last year’s: furniture with a focus on sustainability, collaboration, and well-being. With over 400 companies introducing […]

Neocon 2024 Rouillard Eva Courbe Sofa

NeoCon 2024: A First Sneak-Peak

Summer is fast approaching and with it comes NeoCon 2024. Every year in June, Chicago’s Merchandise Mart (THE MART) hosts NeoCon—an event for all furniture and interior design enthusiasts to interact and see the latest innovations in residential, hospitality, health-care, education, and workplace spaces. The exhibitions are divided into ten categories: best of competition, acoustics […]

Fellowes Office Furniture

ABOUT FELLOWES OFFICE FURNITURE Unfaltering in their devotion to continuous improvement, FELLOWES OFFICE FURNITURE is a titan in the furniture industry with over 100 years of experience behind them. FELLOWES is and has always been a family company since 1917.  They operate as a fourth-generation family business with a commitment to “Unleashing WorkLife Potential.” Following […]

Collaborative Office Furniture Design

LOOKBOOK COLLABORATIVE OFFICE FURNITURE DESIGN Teamwork makes the dream work!  By choosing the right collaborative office furniture & design, you can create a perfect haven for people to communicate, create & collaborate. Written by Jessie Chang (1) OFS Gathr Workspace Design (2) OFS Kaleid Planters (3) OFS Fleet Media Collaborative Table  REQUEST MORE INFO (4) DARRAN Room Divider Screens (5)  Arcadia Intima Work & […]

Adapting to Employees Allermuir Pause Seating

Planning an Office that Adapts to the Differing Needs of Employees

Your company may have one clear mission and vision statement, but your team is a mix of personalities, body types, schedules, and commutes.  Creating an office space and adapting to employees needs is critical for a successful working environment. In this age of hybrid schedules and remote working you may have an office space in […]

Pantone 2024 Color of The Year OFS Coact Lite Lounge Seating

Life’s a Peach!…with Pantone 2024 Color of the Year

Ring in the new year with Pantone’s pick for the color of 2024: “Peach Fuzz.” Every year, Pantone chooses a color that they believe reflects the trends and sentiments of the upcoming months. The color of 2023 was “Viva Magenta,” a vibrant purple-red that forecasted a year of exuberance and empowerment. After a tense year […]

Dynamic Office Design SitOnIt Seating Quiz Chairs

Offering Freedom and Flexibility with the Dynamic Office Design

We are seeing something unprecedented in the office—the freedom to choose.  With the dynamic office, employees can enjoy office flexibility, fluid workspaces and a work/life balance they didn’t have before. A Change in Office Culture and Design As we say goodbye to 2023 and ring in a new year, we’re seeing profound changes in the […]

2024 Office Trends Senator Haven Pods

2024 Office Trends to Create an Engaging Office Environment

What’s in store for 2024 office trends and what do we watch out for? When Edmunds, the car people, opened their office in Santa Monica several years ago they suspended a Corvette above the reception desk. The staff coffee bar was designed without traditional solid walls and featured chrome wheels arranged behind the coffee pots. […]

Modern Vintage Office Furniture

LOOKBOOK THE MODERN VINTAGE OFFICE In the wake of a global pandemic, the Vintage Office makes a bold comeback to offer the comforts of nostalgia and familiarity of eras past. Written by Jessie Chang (1) ERG International Owen Cafe Chairs (2) Source International Say O Cafe Chairs (3) Allermuir Famiglia Lounge Seating  REQUEST MORE INFO A VINTAGE COMEBACK Out with the old, […]

Modern Training Room

LOOKBOOK MODERN TRAINING ROOM FURNITURE Often underestimated and overlooked, the Modern Training Room is constantly evolving to accommodate multiple purposes, serving as one of the office’s most important spaces. Written by Jessie Chang (1) OFS Applause Training Tables (2) OFS Hex and Gathr Seating (3) Enwork Sensation Lectern  REQUEST MORE INFO RISE OF THE MODERN TRAINING ROOM Training rooms have been here […]

Natural Office Design Trends Arcadia Wordsmith Cart

Design an Office Space and Boost Morale Using Natural Materials

Want to go natural in the office? Smart move. Let’s look at the natural office design trend and how it helps benefit your office! Bringing nature into the office boosts overall morale and helps workers be more productive. But how do you connect the office space with the great outdoors? In Southern California’s urban sprawl, we […]

Noise Reducing Office Furniture OFS Intermix Table

Stylish Noise Reducing Office Furniture Trends for 2024

Reduce office noise and boost employee engagement by incorporating noise reducing office furniture at the workplace. That’s not an easy task because we’re immersed in noise. During commutes, listening to an audiobook or the radio in your car is pleasant but there’s still noise. Think of the noises that you hear in your backyard. Or how […]

Office Design Trends for 2024 Friant Dash Desk

Get Inspired with These Top 10 Office Design Trends for 2024

Keep your office refreshed or plan an entirely new space using these 10 office design trends for 2024. Make your workspace a destination where employees want to enter. Inspire them to get engaged in their professional strengths while blending their individual personalities with the company’s brand. That’s not an easy feat and requires expert space […]

Virtual Meeting Room TOOtheLOUNGE Seating

Liven Up Your Virtual Meeting Rooms and Physical Meeting Spaces

Step away from the same old environments and change up both you virtual meeting room and physical meeting spaces to keep your team engaged. Freshen up your in-office environment and your online world. Think about it this way. Got Zoom fatigue from too many online meetings? You might not get it with in-house staff who […]