ABOUT HUMANSCALE Founded in 1983 by CEO Robert King, HUMANSCALE is a leader in office design and ergonomics, focusing on high-performance office furniture that adapts workstations to the preferences of the user rather than the other way around. Following a design philosophy of supporting healthy, active ways of working, HUMANSCALE is a global leader in ergonomics in […]

Best Ergonomic Chairs 2023 SitOnIt Wit Chair

The Quest for Best Ergonomic Chairs 2023

Looking for the best ergonomic chairs in 2023 makes sense. You’re equipping your office to meet the physical needs of your employees so they’re more productive and have better overall well-being. It’s the opposite of telling them to sit on whatever chair is available, no matter how rigid and uncomfortable it is. Why Ergonomics is […]

Ergonomic Seating SitOnIt Wit Side Chair

7 Ergonomic Seating Solutions to Elevate Your Office Seating

Your team spends precious time sitting in cars or ride-share vans while commuting on Southern California’s crowded freeways, then up to several hours sitting in the office each day.  How do you reduce the stress of sitting? Read on and discover ergonomic seating furniture solutions that promote overall well-being and productivity. Sitting stresses people physically […]

Design and Plan Your Office for Collaboration and Inspiration AIS Calibrate Table

Design and Plan Your Office for Collaboration and Inspiration

Elevate your office from the mundane to a setting that generates collaboration and inspires your team to do their best. The thought invested in planning spaces, choosing the right furnishings, and using color schemes that matter keep morale high and your employees working at peak efficiency.  Tech companies around Los Angeles are known for breaking […]

6 Types of Spaces Every Office Needs Trendway Standing Height Table

6 Types of Spaces Every Office Needs

Keep those cubicles up and the office lights on. Why? If you’re thinking work-from-home isn’t working for you and your company, you may be right.  Studies show that there are essential, different types of spaces that make for a productive and positive workplace, that working from home just doesn’t accommodate. The corporate office remains important […]

Modern Office Reception

LOOKBOOK MODERN OFFICE RECEPTION FURNITURE Rising from humble beginnings, today’s modern office receptions are larger, grander and entrusted with the most important of roles: to create the perfect first impression. (1) 9 to 5 Seating Lilly Office Reception Chairs (2) OFS Element Office Reception Desk (3) ERG International Cody Occasional Table  REQUEST MORE INFO THE IMPORTANCE OF OFFICE RECEPTIONS When one […]

Guide to Equipping Your Home Office SitOnIt Chair

Your Guide to Equipping Your Home Office

Your home office space can be as simple or sophisticated as you need to do your work. For those working remotely, or working on hybrid arrangements, here is your strategic guide to equipping your home office. Make sure it’s well-equipped and well-connected. The space should be pleasing and comfortable to work in, just like a corporate […]

Modern Conference Room and Meeting Spaces

LOOKBOOK MODERN CONFERENCE ROOM & MEETING SPACES Today’s modern conference room continuous to evolve with our rapidly changing work environments.  It’s all about inclusivity, flexibility, optimized communication & open collaboration.  (1) OFS Intermix Conference Table (2) Source Scape Lounge (3) Enwork Equilibrium Conference Table  REQUEST MORE INFO (4) Senator Play Audio/Visual Media Table (5)  Senator Play Tables Variation  REQUEST MORE INFO MEETINGS ON-THE-GO […]

6 Reasons to Let Your Employees Work from Home SitOnIt Reya Desk

6 Reasons to Let Your Employees Work from Home

Working in the Covid era has shown how knowledge-based businesses and professional firms can be productive even when employees work from home offices. Corporate offices are still needed as hubs that lay out the mission and set direction, but some employees can function more effectively at a home office setting. Why? They have the equipment, […]

Green Office Design

LOOKBOOK THE GREEN OFFICE DESIGN Inspired by the great outdoors, the Green Office Design infuses lush greenery, natural light & organic textures into our workspaces, rekindling our love affair with nature and encouraging us to be kinder to our planet.  (1) OFS Yelly Chairs (2) Nevins Leaf Living Wall (3) Groupe Lacasse Pouf Seating  REQUEST MORE INFO A CRAVING FOR GREEN […]

Scandinavian Office Furniture

LOOKBOOK THE SCANDINAVIAN OFFICE  With simplicity, functionality and sound craftsmanship at its core, the Scandinavian office design is a timeless, minimalist approach that celebrates the beauty of nature and puts us in harmony with our environment.  (1) Stylex Free Address Tables (2) Nucraft Alev Table (3) ERG International Tivoli Lounge  REQUEST MORE INFO OUT OF DARKNESS The Scandinavian office design came […]

Designing a Healthy Office

Designing a Healthy Office

Designing a healthy office is important in fostering an environment where morale is high and people are productive. Employees are motivated to work as a team and focused on their tasks, instead of how to handle their aches and pains. But what is a healthy office setting and how do you achieve a place where […]

Ways to Make the Workplace More Kind and Caring

Ways to Make the Workplace More Kind and Caring

You matter. And so do others who work near you.  That is why it’s important to make the workplace more kind and caring. Companies that foster a sincere approach to caring in the office will find a lasting payoff through employees looking out for each other’s best interests: talent will stay engaged workers will be […]

Modern Industrial Office Furniture

LOOKBOOK MODERN INDUSTRIAL OFFICE FURNITURE Textured. Sophisticated. Raw. With the Modern Industrial Office, the workspace is stripped to the bare bones.  It mixes the sensibilities of the past with the optimism of the future, creating a minimalistic aesthetic that blends the unique rich textures of wood, earth and metal. (1) The Senator Group Orb Workstations (2) The Senator […]

Energize Your Office with Movement AMQ Kinex

Energize Your Office with Movement

A productive office emphasizes smart movement over a sedentary lifestyle. It’s important to learn how to energize your office with movement that’s good for the body, mind and overall well-being of employees. Moving comes in many ways that are beneficial. The Problem with Not Moving Sitting during the workday begins before you arrive at the […]

Work From Home Office Furniture

COVID-19  WORK FROM HOME OFFICE FURNITURE Previous Next limited time offer + free shipping! WORK FROM HOME DEALS For a limited time, unlock up to 53% off list price when you use our exclusive discount code 110303 on award winning SitOnIt Seating home office solutions.  Select from easy-to-assemble home office desks, height adjustable work solutions, ergonomic […]

Creating Ergonomic Workstations for Office Well-Being and Productivity

Creating Ergonomic Workstations for Office Well-Being and Productivity

Creating and designing an ergonomic workplace with ergonomic workstations isn’t just a passing fad. Here’s why. You’ve known plenty of dedicated employees who struggle with maladies such as carpal tunnel syndrome, back strain, or spend hours squinting at the computer screen. In the break room or in social settings, how many times have you heard […]

Designing an Office Layout for Maximum Productivity

Designing an Office Layout for Maximum Productivity

Your office may have plenty of desks, chairs and computers but, as you’ll agree, that doesn’t mean the layout and floor plan are designed for the greatest possible level of productivity. A productive office layout that helps everyone get their jobs done isn’t something you just pick up at an office supply store like Staples […]

NeoCon 2019 Office Furniture Trends

TRENDS BLOOM AT NEOCON – 2019 OFFICE FURNITURE TRENDS Tens of thousands of guests from around the globe were dazzled at NeoCon 2019 a couple of weeks ago at Chicago’s historic Merchandise Mart, as top industry names such as Herman Miller, Vitra, Steelcase and more lead the world’s biggest manufacturers in showcasing their most impressive […]

Commercial Office Furniture Partners

COMMERCIAL OFFICE FURNITURE PARTNERS Shop the latest office trends from the most trusted names in commercial office furniture to fully furnish or update your business office.  Our partners include distinguished manufacturers that have been in the business for decades with a solid reputation for providing reliable and beautifully made commercial office furniture.  It’s no surprise […]

Make Office Ergonomics Your Next Smart Move

Make Office Ergonomics Your Next Smart Move

What is Office Ergonomics Keeping employees well and productive isn’t just about giving lectures on how to stop smoking or regulate blood pressure. Physical movement is one of the keys to keeping an office staff healthy.  It impacts work-related absenteeism (since prolonged sitting or standing stresses muscles and joints which can lead to musculoskeletal disorders […]


IT’S GREATTO MEET YOU. 2010 Los Angeles Office Furniture and Orange County is one of Southern California’s premium dealer of new and used office furniture, including  modern open plan benching, workstations, cubicles, desks, tables, storage, seating and more.  We offer only the highest quality office furniture for large and small businesses, and give our clients […]