Maverick Desk

ABOUT MAVERICK DESK Established in 1992, the origin of MAVERICK DESK is a classic American story of two men with big dreams creating a company that was different from everyone else. Today, MAVERICK DESK is a laminate case-goods manufacturer that offer a quick-ship, high value solution to traditional solid wood office furniture.  They also provide […]

Los Angeles Maverick Desk Showroom

Los Angeles Maverick Desk Showroom at 2010 Office Furniture

Maverick Desk’s impressive full line of laminate desks, workstations, conference tables and more is now on display at the Maverick Desk Showroom at 2010 Office Furniture. 2010 Office Furniture is the only dealer in Southern California exclusively showcasing Maverick Desk’s comprehensive collection of products. From the incredibly modular Apex Series, to the beautifully innovative Napa […]

Orange County Used Furniture HON Ignition Chair

Reasons to Buy Quality Used Office Furniture in Orange County

Buying used office furniture can prove to be a smart money move for startup companies, established businesses, and nonprofits in Orange County. Remember, quality always counts whether you’re buying new or used. Quality office furnishings are designed to support workers so they can be productive and remain healthy day after day. Companies on a budget […]

Resimercial Office Trend HON Westhill Lounge

Designing for Comfort and Employee Well-Being with the Resimercial Office Trend

Lines between our personal and professional lives have blurred with instant communication and cloud storage. Kids and colleagues can get in touch as needed. There are boundaries, of course. But the 2020 stay-at-home orders showed that many companies found a way to keep operating with nearly all of their employees at home.  Enter the Resimercial […]

6 Reasons to Let Your Employees Work from Home SitOnIt Reya Desk

6 Reasons to Let Your Employees Work from Home

Working in the Covid era has shown how knowledge-based businesses and professional firms can be productive even when employees work from home offices. Corporate offices are still needed as hubs that lay out the mission and set direction, but some employees can function more effectively at a home office setting. Why? They have the equipment, […]

Open Plan Benching and Desking

LOOKBOOK OPEN PLAN BENCHING AND DESKING Open up your office space with modern open plan benching and desking solutions. Promote team interaction & collaboration, while still providing needed individual focus. (1) Friant Dash Revitalize Benching Collection (2) Friant My-Hite & Novo Collections (3) Friant Dash Revitalize Benching Collection  REQUEST MORE INFO (4) HON Empower Series (5) HON Empower Series  REQUEST MORE INFO […]

Top List of Office Furniture Manufacturers

Top List of Office Furniture Manufacturers

Office Furniture Manufacturers that are California Cool Today’s leading office furniture manufacturers provide office furniture that is easy to customize to the needs of employees. Whether you have an animation studio in Burbank or an architectural firm near downtown Los Angeles, a solution like open-plan desking from a maker like Maverick can create a welcoming […]

Great Ways To Encourage Better Employee Health

Great Ways to Encourage Better Employee Health

Making the Office a Healthy Place to Thrive Americans value being “healthy, wealthy, and wise,” as the old saying goes about being early to bed and early to rise. It’s smart advice to live by. Creating a healthy office environment by making a few investments in workplace health overall is fairly easy to do and […]

8 Open Plan Systems For Your Office

8 Best Open Plan Systems for Your Office

AN OFFICE TREND FOR THE MILLENNIUM What are the best open plan systems for your office? Earlier this year, a survey by Forbes revealed that approximately 70% of U.S. professionals are currently working in open plan offices.  In March, Facebook’s 10-acre campus (designed by none other than Frank Gehry) was reported to soon be the […]