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AMQ 3F Hanging Panels

•  Standard Widths: 28”, 38”, 48”
•  Standard Heights: 94”
•  100% Polyester Design, 100% Recyclable
•  Ceiling Suspension, Rail Suspension, and Sliding Track Mounting Options
•  NRC Value 0.60 Sound Absorption

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AMQ 3F Hanging Panels add privacy and space division in a balanced range of attractive patterns and designs. This flexible solution comes in three standard widths, with either fixed hanging panels or a sliding track option for reconfiguration on the fly. Sound absorption softens the ambient noise pollution between spaces, allowing for crystal clear conversations across an open plan office environment. 3F is supported in a wide range of ceiling heights, installable in nearly any existing office space whenever you may need. The solution can be styled in numerous ways as well, with twelve geometric and organic panel patterns and ten available colors to choose from, adding unique design to the workplace. AMQ 3F Hanging Panels are an attractive, effective, and environmentally friendly solution that offers a unique way to divide space. 

•  Briquette
•  Shadow
•  Ash
•  Pearl
•  Celestial
•  Verde
•  Tuscan
•  Saffron
•  Sand
•  Seafoam

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