AMQ 3F Privacy Screen

•  18mm Pet Felt Cut to a Wide Range of Sizes
•  Supports Linear, L- and U-Shapes
•  Tackable and Sound-Absorbing
•  5 Worksurface Attachment Methods
•  8 Verve Color Options
•  Made From 50% Recycled Plastic Water Bottles
•  100% Recyclable

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The new line of AMQ 3F Privacy Screens feature 5 different mounting options and new connector pieces, making a wide range of brand new ways to configure and reconfigure privacy screens in your office space. The new U- and L-shaped configurations with 3F are easy to operate and add a new level of privacy. 3F panels are 18mm thick, offer ample acoustic support, and come in an abundant number of sizes. The tackable surface additionally adds functionality to this contemporary line of privacy screens. Available in 8 stunning finishes, these high-performance screens are sure to impress many. The AMQ 3F Privacy Screen is an irreplaceable solution for the modern open plan office.

•  Black
•  Platinum
•  White

•  Briquette
•  Shadow
•  Ash
•  Pearl
•  Saffron
•  Celestial
•  Verde
•  Tuscan

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