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AMQ 3F Wall Tiles

•  Create Inspiring Spaces with Improved Acoustical Quality
•  12 Different Tile Shapes
•  Easy, Durable, Unobtrusive Mounting
•  Made from 50% Recycled Plastic Water Bottles and 100% Recyclable
•  Standard Widths: 11.5”

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AMQ 3F Wall Tiles is a highly unique system, turning any wall into a blank canvas for unlimited creativity. Inspire yourself and your co-workers with an assortment of tile shapes and colors, in both bold and subtle ways. Lay out tiles in geometric patterns in bold, contrasting colors, or get creative and create your own unique, artistic designs. 3F Wall Tiles are easy to install, lightweight, and made from 50% recycled plastic water bottles, making a durable panel that is environmentally friendly and 100% recyclable. These wall tiles are sold individually for ultimate control over customization. The infinite capability of creativity and inspiration makes AMQ 3F Wall Tiles a wonderful decorative option. 

•  Briquette
•  Shadow
•  Ash
•  Pearl
•  Saffron
•  Celestial
•  Seafoam
•  Verde
•  Tuscan
•  Sand

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