AMQ Revi Personal Storage

  5 Customizable Drawer / Front Options Suitable for Both Touchdown and Permanent Workstations.
  Push-to-Open Drawers Offer a Clean, Contemporary Aesthetic and Simple Specification.
  Expandable Bag Drops Easily Stow Personal Items and Workplace Accessories.
  Removable, Magnetic Seat Cushion Transforms Revi Into Vibrant Guest Seating.
  Pencil Tray Organizes Frequently Used Supplies

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The AMQ Revi Personal Storage is refreshingly modern, bright, and versatile, revolutionizing the pedestal with a unique twist. Revi is fully customizable, with five face designs, expandable bag drops, and a removable magnetic seat cushion. With the numerous fabric and metal finish options available, Revi can be fitted with up to 168 different color combinations sure to fit into any office environment. Its push-to-open drawers, expandable bag drop, and integrated pencil tray are thoughtfully designed and tested, allowing for quick and easy access to supplies and optimizing user experience. Implement AMQ Revi Personal Storage in your work space and transform your office into a dynamic, colorful environment.

•  Briquette
•  Shadow
•  Ash
•  Pearl
•  Celestial
•  Verde
•  Tuscan
•  Saffron

•  Platinum
•  White
•  Black
•  Celestial
•  Verde
•  Tuscan
•  Saffron

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