DeskMakers Custom Conference Table

•  Tops: Round, Square, Rectangular, Racetrack, Boat-Shape, Bow-End, Wedge
•  Bases: Radiused/Non-Radiused Panel, Radiused/Non-Radiused Square, Radiused/Non-Radiused Rectangular, Cylinder, Half-Cylinder, Metal X, Laminate X
  Optional Power & Data Options: Standard Steel/Plastic Grommet, Recessed Grommets with power outlets, USB charging ports, HDMI/DVI, and Ethernet.
  Optional Wireless USB Charging Ports

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Achieving your vision for your company is critical to its success. There’s no better way to convey your business’ principles to potential clients than an office designed with the company’s personality at the forefront. The DeskMakers Custom Conference Table is the perfect solution for expressing your company’s principles. A limitless amount of customization options allows you to design the perfect table for your business, regardless of the size or shape. Whether you need a circular table for 4 or a boat-shape table for 20, this table is guaranteed to satisfy. Need to stay connected? Not a problem! The DeskMakers Custom Conference Table also offers sleek power and data units as an optional addition to your customization. Staying connected with power, USB, DVI, HDMI, and Ethernet are all possible through this table.

•  Hardrock Maple
  Cafe Latte
  Oil Cherry
  Spice Walnut
  Yorkshire Cherry
  Tuscan Walnut
  Black Forest Walnut
  Tenino Grey
  Iconic Maple
  Dove Grey
  Gunmetal Grey
  Regal White
  (More Available Including Premium Options)