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Humanscale Keyboard Tray Systems

•  Designed to Relax the Upper Body and Straighten Wrists
•  Forces a Neutral, Low-Risk, Sustainable Posture
•  Durable Construction
•  New 6G Technology Combining Dial-A-Tilt and Height Adjustable Technology With a Strong, Stable Keyboard Arm

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A keyboard tray can be the foundation of a well-rounded, ergonomic workstation, and no system follows this philosophy closer than the Humanscale Keyboard Tray Systems. Built upon their vision of creating more with less, Humanscale Keyboard Trays are sleek and minimalistic, allowing for healthy posture for long hours of work. Its intelligent design and durable construction are designed to last a lifetime, while protecting its users from injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome and common neck or back pain. The added support of a simple keyboard tray system forces the body in a neutral position, relaxing the upper body and greatly reducing the risk of long term injury. With its patented control systems, Humanscale Keyboard Trays are effortlessly adjustable, so that the user spends less time focusing on the furniture and more on the task at hand.  Overall, the Humanscale Keyboard Tray Systems are attractive, reliable, and very effective.  

•  Black
•  White
•  Platinum