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Koncept Splitty Desktop Light and Floor Lamp

•  5.8 Watts Consumption
•  50,000 Hours Lifespan
•  3,500K Light Color
•  Multi-Level Touch Dimming
•  10’ Cord
•  USB Port

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Named for the unique split joint it boasts, Koncept Splitty Desktop Light and Floor Lamp is a task light with an incredibly high degree of flexibility. Its wide LED head casts a uniform glow of bright, soft light wherever necessary, and its flexible spine gives the lamp a degree of freedom never seen in ordinary task lighting. Available in many vibrant colors, the minimalist exterior of Splitty gives a degree of design freedom and expression to its user. Controlling the dim level is as easy as pressing the button found at the head of the LED. To top it all off, Splitty features a USB charging port at its base, giving an extra push in its utility. The Koncept Splitty Desktop Light and Floor Lamp offers flexibility and modern functionality in a way no other product can. 

•  Matte Black
•  Silver
•  Matte Orange
•  Matte Leaf Green
•  Matte Grey
•  Matte White
•  Matte Pacific Blue