Koncept Tono Floor Lamp

•  18 Watts Consumption
•  10,000 Hours Lifespan
•  2700K – 8000K Light Color
•  1,500 Combinations of Red, Green, and Blue
•  Continuous Dimming
•  10’ Cord

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Bring your office décor to another level with the Koncept Tono Floor Lamp. This tall, bright LED lamp displays a multitude of colors, including over 1500 combinations of red, green, and blue, as well as a standard white light. Set it to cycle through its many colors or simply have it stay on your favorite, adjusting the brightness and even the shades of white light with an easy-to-operate touch system. Tono can be used as its own standalone pillar of color, or be aimed at a wall to add ambient light to an entire room. The open-ended possibilities of this system make it a winner for design-oriented people, as Tono serves as a starting ground for creative applications. The bold design and vibrant colors of the Koncept Tono Floor Lamp can fit any mood. 

•  White