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Loftwall Shelter Panel

•  Side Panels Have 2 Standard Sizes, Back Panels have 3
•  Assembles in Less Than 5 Minutes
•  Cleanable with Healthcare-Grade Cleaners
•  Panels Sit 1” Off the Worksurface
•  Hardware Clamps Extend 2.25” Below the Worksurface

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The Loftwall Shelter Panel is a protective panel system, including attractive screens that clamp to your worksurface and provide a personal barrier. When caution and consideration for others is at the utmost importance, Shelter offers a safe and hygienic space for employees (especially in shared office spaces) to work. Shelter’s included aluminum clamp system is simple and intuitive, installing in less than 5 minutes on any worksurface up to 1.5 inches thick. The panels themselves sit 1” off the edge of the worksurface to provide plenty of room for cord management. In order to accommodate all workstyles and office types, Shelter is available in five different panel finishes, including transparent acrylic, frosted acrylic, and PET finishes for complete privacy. These high-quality panels are incredibly durable, and can be cleaned with healthcare-grade cleaners to promote high sanitation standards in times of need. The Loftwall Shelter Panel is a wonderful solution to retrofit your office whenever it may be necessary. 

Please note: This product has not been medically proven to cure or prevent COVID-19 or any other diseases.

•  Aluminum

•  Clear Acrylic
•  Frosted Acrylic
•  Pewter PET
•  Steel PET
•  Marble PET