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Loftwall Split Space Divider

•  Aluminum Interlocking Frame
•  Cleanable with Healthcare-Grade Cleaners
•  Assembles in Less Than 10 Minutes
•  Caster and Base Plates Available

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When businesses must adapt to meet the demands of a healthier, more hygienic world, the Loftwall Split Space Divider provides an attractive and highly effective option to add privacy and physical barrier to new or existing office plans. Using carefully constructed panels and a standard aluminum interlocking frame, Split divides your office space into individual workstations, providing reasonable separation, privacy and promoting good health. Split is available in four standard widths and two heights.  It can also be ordered with base plates for a fixed configuration, or with a caster base to be mobile and adjust positions on the fly. With the easy to understand frame system, Split is completely assembled and ready in less than ten minutes. Additionally, this impressive space divider solution helps maintain proper sanitation standards, by withstanding any healthcare-grade cleaners and lasting for years of use. The Loftwall Split Space Divider is a beautiful, convenient, and powerful option for businesses looking to transition into a safely distanced workspace. 

Please note: This product has not been medically proven to cure or prevent COVID-19 or any other diseases.

•  Satin Aluminum
•  Glossy White
•  Matte Black

•  Frosted Acrylic
•  Clear Acrylic
•  Clear Twinwall