Nevins Bio Canvas Frame

  Easy to Install, Two-Piece Frames Hold Panel Inserts Comprised of Natural Materials
  Two-Part Frame Includes a Back Frame Panel and Front Frame
  Patent Pending Design Allows for Quick and Easy Changing of Panel Inserts
•  Wall Fasteners and Anchors Included
•  Frame Depth: 2.77”

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The Nevins Bio Canvas Frame is a beautiful one-of-a-kind collection that brings nature into the workplace. Natural materials are mounted on lightweight frames, bringing a stunning selection of moss, bark, and stone panels into your office with no maintenance required. A patent-pending two-part frame design allows users to remove and interchange panel inserts effortlessly, making the design possibilities with this breathtaking collection endless. The acoustic moss frames made for Bio Canvas is harvested by hand in Northern European forests and is made in a renewable-friendly environment, free of dangerous chemicals and preservatives. They are fire-resistant and provide a high level of acoustics attenuation, up to 90% of medium and high frequencies. Nevins Bio Canvas Frame is a truly special solution that breathes life into any room. 

•  Black
•  Anthracite
•  White

•  Lime Green Moss
•  Medium Green Moss
•  Forest Green Moss
•  Poplar Bark
•  Mountain Grey Light Stone
•  Prairie Brown Light Stone