Nevins Climb Multi-Level Seating

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•  Several Fabric Options Available, Including Graded-in CF Stinson Fabrics and Contrasting Fabrics
•  In-Line Power Units Available
•  Nylon Adjustable Glides are Standard
•  500 lb. Weight Capacity per Unit

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Nevins Climb Multi-Level Seating is a genre-bending modular lounge seating collection, with unique pieces that change and transition with its environment. Personal space is ample with Climb, and whether you need it for an individual or a group project, Climb can be reconfigured on the go for either in a matter of seconds. With Climb, bespoke textiles and stylish stitching design allows these interesting furniture pieces to mold to any environment, with premium upholstery on every piece. By offering so many styles and postures in this versatile seating collection, Climb inspires creativity with its playful and extraordinary shapes. By welcoming diversity and fostering a natural integration with your surroundings, Nevins Climb Multi-Level Seating is a brilliant solution for collaborative environments. 

•  Arc-Com
•  Architex
•  Bernhardt
•  Bretano
•  Camira
•  Carnegie
•  CF Stinson
•  Coral
•  Designtex
•  DL Couch
•  Douglass
•  HBF Textiles
•  Knoll
•  Luum
•  Maharam
•  Mayer
•  Momentum
•  Pallas
•  Paul Brayton
•  (More Available)