OFS Slate Height Adjustable Desk

•  Square edge finish
•  2 Pull choices
•  19 Standard Veneer options
•  2 Studio Veneer options

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The OFS Slate Height Adjustable Desk offers a sit-stand office desk solution to promote better office ergonomics, employee well-being and overall productivity and positivity.  Slate represents a sleek and gorgeous line of private office furniture pieces that combine organization and collaborative solutions with cutting edge technology integration.  The result is an elegantly modern and innovative workspace with and an extensive offering that addresses all types of work styles, spaces and office applications.  The OFS Slate Height Adjustable Desk is available in multiple finish selections with edge and pull options, as well as other custom features, so you can plan and furnish every room in your office to create the perfect work environment.

•  Blonde
•  Burnished
•  Desert
•  Ebony
•  Honey
•  Linen
•  Mocha
•  Molasses
•  Oslo
•  Pecan
•  Port
•  Root
•  Sienna
•  Steel
•  Toffee
•  Arabica
•  Wheat