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Snowsound Blade Wall Shelf Panels

•  Polyester Internal Padding with Snowsound Technology, Polyester Covering in Trevira CS Fabric
•  Single Material and 100% Recyclable
•  Durable, Tackable Double-Sided Surface
•  Patented Variable Density Composition
•  Class A Sound Absorption, Absorbs 94% of Human Speech Frequencies
•  Sleek Profile at Only 1.4” Thick
•  Blade Panel Dimensions: 24”W x 63”L
•  Blade Shelf Dimensions: 9.5”W x 63”L

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The slim, decorative Snowsound Blade Wall Shelf Panels are a modular system that blend into the background while providing a vibrant colorfulness to any room. Using a hidden wall mounting system, Snowsound panels and metal shelves are attached to the wall without any trace of fasteners, creating an attractive modern look. Standard polyester internal padding combined with Snowsound technology means that the Blade panels can absorb 94% of human speech frequencies, vastly improving the acoustics of any meeting or private room, along with other office areas. These eco-friendly panels are made of a single, 100% recyclable material, and are fire and smoke retardant.  Powdered metal shelves combined with 12 bold color options make the Blade Wall Shelf system versatile and aesthetically pleasing. Overall, the Snowsound Blade Wall Shelf Panels are a contemporary solution that features durable, intelligent construction all around. 

•  White
•  Silver Gray
•  Carrot Orange
•  Charcoal Gray
•  Olive Green
•  Beige
•  Dove Gray
•  Blue
•  Red
•  Sun Yellow
•  Apple Green
•  Black