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Snowsound Cubby Wall Panels

•  Polyester Internal Padding with Snowsound Technology, Polyester Covering in Trevira CS Fabric
•  Single Material and 100% Recyclable
•  Durable, Tackable Double-Sided Surface
•  Sleek Profile
•  Wall Mountable
•  Cubby Dimenisons: 28”L x 28”W x 20.5”D

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Snowsound Cubby Wall Panels are a highly unique acoustic panel board system, utilizing sound-absorbing polyester foam to create a phone booth anywhere it is installed. The walls of Snowsound Cubby are built with a patented internal padding technology and are wrapped in an easy-to-clean polyester covering, creating a panel capable of absorbing most human speech frequencies. These eco-friendly panels are made of a single, 100% recyclable material, and are fire and smoke retardant. The privacy booth is made to be a comfortable size for sensitive phone calls, and the sides can be adjusted effortlessly for different preferences. Cubby also features a convenient load-bearing shelf made of powder coated steel at the center of the booth, providing a space to easily rest important notes and documents on a long business call. With its interesting design fully utilizing its acoustic board technology, Snowsound Cubby Wall Panels are a perfect solution for having private conversation at the office. 

•  Red
•  Silver Gray