Pet Friendly Office: Is This What Your Business Needs?

The Pet Friendly Office

The secret to an efficient well-running machine is the quality and well-being of its parts.   The same goes with your company, whereas the employees make up the parts of your business. From the person at the reception desk to the executive making all the important decisions, everyone plays a role in keeping the company moving forward.  But to generate good business means generating productive employees.  And to generate productive employees means looking after their well being.  The corporate culture today is fast-paced, cutthroat and high-pressured.  With rising demands and stiff competition, employees are more prone to stress and discouragement and could probably use a little TLC.  If you haven’t already considered it, a pet friendly office may help!

A Pet Friendly Office May Be For You

Modern offices nowadays are more considerate when it comes to the work-life balance of their employees.  Many are transforming their offices into a more pet friendly environment, allowing their staff and personnel to bring their pets to work. Not surprisingly, numerous surveys reveal that people are more happy when their furry companions are with them at their jobs. Most agree that having pets around leads to an improved office environment, better morale and higher motivation to work longer hours. 

A Pet Friendly Office Keeps Employees at Work

One study reveals that millennials are marrying at an older age, compared to the generations before them.  These young professionals are focusing more on building their financial stability first before settling down with someone. Interestingly enough more people are adopting pets, possibly as a substitute or to make up for that romantic counterpart. Employees are leaving work, sometimes early, to tend to their dogs and cats, regardless of whether they finish their task or not, to feed and walk and be with their pets. By allowing your employees to bring their furry friends to work with them, it will free them from the distraction of having to be at home on time with them. In addition, they will be more driven to finish their work based on task and not on time. As a result, this will ultimately generate more output and productivity from your employees. 

A Pet Friendly Office Helps Build Relationships

Employees tend to be more stressed and fatigued as early as lunchtime — especially on busier and taxing work days. It affects their performance as well as their mood and mannerism. One crucial contributor to your employees’ stress is their relationship with their co-workers, and how they interact with them. Having pets around is a great ice-breaker among staff, can trigger positive conversations, help reduce office gossip, and build camaraderie and relationships among your employees.

A Pet Friendly Office Creates a Positive Environment

Pets are also a great way to lighten up the office mood, especially at pressure-intense work environments. When the demand is high to excel and competition gets a bit cutthroat, employees are required to work harder in order to meet corporate demands. During a long day of fierce and intense collaboration between teams and employees, the presence of a silly, lovable and endearing pet can help alleviate stressful situations and diffuse office tension. 

Knowing your employees’ needs and coming up with ways that can reduce their stress will mean a lot to them.  Making your office a pet friendly environment is definitely one way and can offer many positive benefits to make your office overall a happier, healthier place to work in. If you’re considering inviting pets to the office, just make sure that your employees’ companions are friendly and well trained. As much as we love pets, they can sometimes be a liability if not trained well, especially at a very busy place like the office. 

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